Lumia: Other World
108 Mael Kelvin“s past part 7
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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108 Mael Kelvin“s past part 7

With the five minute time left, he is pressured to slay them with just bare hands. He needs to at least kill them by beating them hard with his [Divine Strength].

He is currently dashing and then he jumped so high in the sky. With height he reached, he saw all the trolls and they are parading with great numbers. Some are carrying giant trees as a weapon and they can be seen even they are so far away.

He estimated that their numbers are on three hundred to four. He still has ample time to think of an estimation of whether he can finish on time.

While in the air, he is gliding in the wind and he is approaching them with ease. He is intercepting them in a matter of seconds but he saw that they are anticipating his coming in the air and readied their gigantic tree trunk that will serve as a bat.

Mael worried if his premonition is true or not but he will find the answer later on. His speed is increasing as he descends faster in the air towards the enemies. As he is getting nearer and nearer, he saw that they are readying their weapons and as he is only in meters, the troll in the front prepared to swing it like a bat then he is struck by a gigantic tree that is larger than his body.

He is smashed by it and he is thrown by thousands of meters away. He collapsed and he regained consciousness with a matter of two minutes left.

'What happened? where am I?'

He stands up and realized that he is struck by a makeshift weapon of the Trolls but luckily he is still nowhere to be seen and the Trolls is still finding him in the forest where he is still hiding. Well, that means that the time is not still up.

He saw that the Trolls are getting nearer as the ground is shaking by their footsteps. He is anxious because of the time wasted and he knew that his powers are still active. Without wasting time, he dashed and smashed the nearest Troll in the vicinity.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He released three punches to the Troll in the face while some are alarmed where is the sound that is coming from. He puts more force in his punches to immediately kill them to save more time for the remaining two minutes.

Luckily, the Troll is down with its face crushed by three punches but the downside is that his cover is blown. Well, it will be better for them to know. It is the plan exactly for him to defeat them in a faster way.

The Trolls are alerted and started to throw large trees in his surroundings, he evaded the trees and punched some with his hands.

Mael is enraged by the attacks then he dashed to the forest, leaving booming sound in the forest while destroying the trees when he passes through it with just the shock wave of his dash. He then saw trees incoming, flying in the sky that is coming in his direction.

"So they learned how to throw huh? well let's see if they can catch up with my speed.", said Mael while dashing through the trees.

He reached the exit of the forest, faster than he expected. After it, he saw the trolls are gathering trees to make a makeshift weapon. With it being accomplished, the battle will be more bloody.

"Two minutes, I will finish them in two minutes", he said as he counted the time that remains

He managed to last in the past battle then why not now?

He approached them in a fast but calm way then he jumped at the center of the fray.

He learned from his mistake last time and then smashed the trees that strike him mid-air. The Trolls are surprised when he landed to the ground like a meteor. The shock wave and the dirt threw all over the place and the trolls are thrown over by the catastrophe.

The terrain changed then a barrage of loud banging sounds echoed throughout the forest. He darted from one troll to another, only leaving caved-in faces and splattering innards upon its way. All of them are not retreating but instead, they dashed to where he is.

He is smashed by one troll but he blocked it, making him thrown to the others. His stretched his body in a second then slammed his right foot on the ground. Making them lose their balance when the ground cracks.

Mael then darted to five trolls, smashing them with only one hit and then jumped to the other part of the battle ground. These trolls are fast moving despite their big sizes but they are not regenerating, mountain trolls are sturdy and aggressive but they are not the ones living in the snow which have regeneration and fire susceptibility. Thus Mael concluded that these are mountain trolls.

One minute and thirty seconds, he has consumed thirty minutes and he is still not halfway through.

He has no choice but to make the same technique he used recently. Smashing the ground with his feet then the trolls lose their balance then its time to strike and move to other location for him to be not cornered. He continued his onslaught for the remaining time untill the last one remained.

He is bloody and then he dashed but in his dismay, he has no strength left. He felt that his overwhelming powers are extinguished by the time when he has still one enemy left.

"It can't be! no! not now!", Mael cried out as he punched the ground.

"Oh its already time? Hohohoho! I wonder how you will defeat that one without your petty powers! child!", the Fallen under estimated him this time

The one he has feared the most has come and he has still more work to do. The troll mercilessly smashed Mael and the dirt flew all over.

"Hahahahaha!, that's all? as expected from a puny little child! hahahahah! wait what?", the Fallen the nearly choked after he saw a child that stopped the blow of the troll.

The troll growled at him with a loud roar, Mael smiled and then walked calmly while stretching his body. Little did they know that he accumulated many experience points and leveled up to level fifty, every level up has a passive plus one point to all stats and all his stats; strength, dexterity, vitality and, focus is all fifty. That is the result of defeating one thousand monsters in a single night. Never mind the three stat points every level up he gets, so that means he has one hundred fifty points he can allocate when he will have his window card at the adventurers guild.

Without second thoughts, he darted to the troll and pulled out its eyes and then flipped. The troll is thrashing around and is smashing everything all over the place. He grabbed the splintered tree and trusted it to the throat of the troll and it fell down.

"It can't be! for a mere child to play with a troll!", he chuckled but annoyed at the scene that unfolds

"Okay you win! and in return, I will let you of the hook and as a reward, I will return the power of your Angel there as an insurance. Then let me tell you my name, I'm Ashtaroth! the servant of The Prideful one, the one who will conquer Lumia. Bye!", he said as he disappeared

With just a flash, he disappeared and the Angel just burst forth with power and once again brimming with radiance.

"Thank you young child, with what happened I'm saved because of you. As a result you are qualified to wield the system that the creator himself created to fight the calamity. This world is at stake and even with our help, the world is still in danger. You are one of the seven and find the others to defeat the Doom bringer; The Prideful One. He giveth power to the weak and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Farewell child and may you find the creator's will in your path", he said as he disappeared without a trace

The forest became silent and the wind blows a little bit colder as he wanders in the road. He managed to arrive on the city gates but his senses are fading then it all went dark.


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