Lumia: Other World
107 Mael Kelvin“s past part 6
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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107 Mael Kelvin“s past part 6

Mael punches and kicks the gargoyles but they keep on coming. All of the gargoyles are attacking and his momentum of flight is coming to its end. Now when he is slowing down, he is grabbed in the hands and the others are on his feet. Some clawed him and his wounds healed immediately.

It will be torturous if it will continue like this so he devised a plan. With his angelic strength, he crushed the hands that are entangling him and used them as smashing weapons to the enemies. He smashed to the front and to the back and he is freed from the entanglement. With him freed, he falls down to the ground while smashing everything on his way.

All his enemies are smashed and the Draculas are pondering what to do. The gargoyles that are made to a makeshift weapons have collapsed and Mael is dragging them slowly. Slowly approaching the enemies, he throws them to one of the Draculas and it is knocked away from them. All the Draculas turned to where their companion is and when they turned to Mael, he rained them with the flying corpses and they ate the catapult-like force of Mael.

"Eat them!!!!!!", Mael bellowed in anger

The Prime Dracula evaded like no tomorrow and his companions are struck down one by one. He shouted "Attack" but it's too late when he was struck by a corpse of a gargoyle and blown away. With the help of the throwable corpses of gargoyles, the enemies are reduced to half and the others can't stand up due to the fact that their bones are fractured.

It was a time killer but the climax is still coming, with the Prime Dracula is struck by the corpse, he crushed the body that struck him and he is angered by it. He flew to the air and there he observed the battle, he then saw a flying object that is coming to him but this time, he smashed it by his hands. Mael observed that the Dracula is emitting an aura that can be felt by Mael even the distance thye have. It uses its skill called [Berserk].

[Berserk]- a skill that makes the individual double their strength, dexterity, vitality, and battle instinct but lowers their defensive instincts.

With its life is on its thirty percent, the skill activated. It is the last resort of the enemy to save his life and kill his enemy in front of him. Mael will have trouble regenerating if he is slashed continously and that is when his evade is not effective anymore. It will only become not effective if his stamina is exhausted, because every movement consumes stamina and strength is reduced if you are exhausted.

His skill [Regeneration] is replenishing his stamina and he feels like he can do this all day. But sadly he has only few minutes left, with the time is reduced again, he has to hurry. With his enemy on a [Berserk] state, he has to kill it a few times. It would cost another minute to accomplish the task.

He has his lent power and all he has to do is kill the enemies within the timeframe. Seven minutes left and he is having difficulty exterminating them because they can fly. But only Few Draculas are only left together with their pack leader.

With the enraged enemy, it attacked without a plan and strikes without reserve. It descended to him with its blood shot eyes colored with redness. Mael on the other aspect prepared to leap to intercept him.

Without delays, he jumped with all his force towards the enemy. In the blank space distance between them, Mael made a piercing attack to the Dracula's chest through its heart. With what his father told him, their only vulnerability is their heart. Well it will be confirmed if it's true when Mael will see it with his own eyes on first hand.

His hands penetrated through its chest and pierced his body throughout its back. With just his remaining strength he just spitted blood and scratched Mael's back with its claws which eventually healed in seconds.

While still in the air, they eventually crashed to the ground and Mael draws his blood stained hands from the lifeless corpse. With the death of their leader they all attacked furiously.

The remaining Draculas can only be counted on the fingers on his hands and they are all enraged, with all of them enraged he will have to be extra careful.

They all pounced to him driven by anger. With this in mind, Mael again relied in his evasion. One clawed him near his face but he twisted to evade then he kicked it with a reverse roundhouse kick, making it killed in action. Seven remains, while the other one is killed they attacked one after another. The one who approached is punched on the left side of the waist when it attempted to claw his face. Another one attacked in his blind spot but he received a back kick in the face, snapping its neck that nearly separating its head from its body.

Three down, four remains on the battlefield. Mael this around initiate the offense, he pierced the air and instantaneously attacked the Dracula with an elbow strike in the face, it slammed to the ground then he grabbed it to throw to the other dracula. He jumped forward and then kicked the corpse towards the other one, slamming their body with each other.

Only one remained, he walked calmly to the corpse filled grounds towards the direction of the remaining one. The monster screamed at him with all its might and it roared it the air with its loud voice.

"Oh poor one! no one will save you but yourself, you have to be courageous until your last breath", Mael said as he streches his neck

"Yeah all you have to do is scream", he said as he attacked it

He decapitated it using his barehands and its scream is ended with its head rolling in the ground.

"Hahahahah! Splendid! such cruelty from a human! hmmm let's see if you can last till the end!", said the Fallen sitting at the floating chair while drinking another cup.

Five minutes left and the remaining monsters are the towering trolls as large as a small hill. Whether he survives or not is depending on his abilities to slay them.

All he needs to do is maul them and bruise them till they spit blood and all their bones are broken. The problem is their high vitality and thick skin and there are couple of hundreds of them.

You have to possess a great Burst skill or Area of effect skill to whittle their numbers. But on the current event, Mael only has [Divine Strength] and [Regeneration] on his arsenal. Well he has no choice but to punch all of them.


The noise of dashing towering trolls are heard by the Angel and he has regained ample strength to sit and watch.

'All is in your hands young one'

Mael is walking in the distance and he walks faster and faster then he dashed towards them.


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