Lumia: Other World
106 Mael Kelvin“s past part 5
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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106 Mael Kelvin“s past part 5

The time is running out and their fate depends on his hands, it is whether he can pass the trial or not, and if he can pass it with flying colors, he will be given the freedom to live and continue his journey to the kingdom. With the time is on the essence, he needs to eliminate them on the remaining time and to stand alone in the masses of corpses. He is only a child but burdened with a great responsibility to survive. When he was a child, he is taught to survive in the wilderness and on the battlefield, but he never thought it would be this useful in actual situations and circumstances.

With the nine minutes remaining time, he thought that it will be challenging to finish the job so he will have to double his rate of killing. If his sword will give up halfway then he will have to switch in scavenging the fallen enemies. He is currently standing on the fallen enemies and he wishes to live through this predicament. He is so sad at the time and he is still miserably lonely at the moment, feeling the emptiness of his heart at the recent passing of the mother he once held.

At the passing time on the corpse-filled battlefield, the enemies are currently charging at him like a rushing flood that sounds like claps of rumbling thunder. The rocks are leaping as they are moving towards him and the ground is trembling caused by their footsteps. Mael made a horizontal slash in the air to wash out the blood from his short sword. The blood splashed in the ground and he stretched his body to relieve the stress.

He has nine minutes and the time is still ticking. He has to make it alive and finish the time and that is what is on his mind. If the Fallen will keep his promise then they will see again the daylight at the end of the night, if fate wills it to be attainable. But his heart is bitterly agonizing because he still can't avenge his mother, watching the one who killed her mother take pity on him and play with their lives.

"Tick tack tick tack, can you last till the end of the time? Humph, I wonder?", the mysterious Fallen said while he is sitting on a summoned chair while drinking a cup of grape wine. With the night getting deeper, he needs to warm himself with a drink. The wind blew colder in the air where he is sitting and watching his playthings to entertain him.

He takes another sip and smiled widely, wondering how far his toy will go with a petty blessing of the lowest-ranked Angel. He has gained some divine powers because he has sucked some powers from his enemy, making the Angel empty and can not even stand.

The trolls are stomping the ground and it shakes like an earthquake, while the gargoyles and draculas are flocking the night sky. Other monsters are running and are ahead of others. Basically, the Cerberus is running fast making only the ghouls second to them and other monsters are catching up.

They make an epic battle combination of monsters and all are running like a hyped up and excited kids that want to grab their toys to play. They will make a stampede and he will be destroyed if he is run through. He has to evade the Cerberus' charge and decapitate the ghouls at the same time while being vigilant in the enemies on the air. In the end, they all charged to him at the same time.

While looking in the air, he expected them to be the second to attack. The Cerberus has a couple of dozens in numbers and they are the ones leading the charge. With their numbers, they will consume a couple of seconds to be finished. Well, it is easier said than done so he never expects it to be accurate in the actual battle.

Several seconds have passed and they charged at him, atrocious enough to scare witlessly a normal child in their 13 years old of age. It will be easy for these creatures to scare a child like his age but Mael is a peculiar child, a fearless child that doesn't cower on his parents' back. He prefers to be independent when the time comes for him to be solitary in the pathway of adulthood.

He managed to kill a hundred enemies and there is no turning back. With his hands that are stained with blood at a young age, he is concerned about whether his remorse will attack his conscience or will make him have nightmares. It is not good for a child to kill, whether it is a monster or an abomination, moreover a human. Will he be a ruthless killer in the future? That's the question in his mind when he killed ruthlessly.

To kill or to be killed, it is a rule in this world that honors the strong and in power. He has no choice but to survive. He has to do it in accordance with the will of the Angel. As time goes by in seconds, he is approached by his enemies. Not wasting any more precious time, he leaped to the air and dived to the Cerberus, making the ground become a crater and all the rocks and dirt flown the approaching ghouls. Sounding a boom that came crashing to the ghouls, making them tidbits and rendering them useless. The ghouls are regenerating but are not moving, they became lumps of meat and they will take time to fully recover.

With the excessive force applied, some of his bones are broken and repaired in seconds with the help of blessing [Regeneration], his recovery rate is increased to the optimum and as well as his fatigue recovery. This blessing is not all-powerful because it can't prevent you from getting hurt or damaged and you can always feel the pain in that duration of ten minutes.

He observed the battlefield in the open and they are blown away by the shock wave of the meteor-like creature. His enemies are in disarray and some shrieked in fear. With the tides is in his favor, he pushed through to the fray and finished off the surviving Cerberus and Ghouls that blocks his way.

The Draculas and Gargoyles came diving to him successively. One gargoyle dived to him and he slashed its wings then it crashed to the ground. The others arrived at the clash site and are encircling him in the air, just waiting to catch him off guard or waiting at the right time to attack. With the enemies flocking in the air, he has to be more vigilant at the same time.

The Draculas are like gargoyles but they are the prime of the vampires. With their bigger bodies compared to the gargoyles and ferocity at the level of A- class monster. They will be a force to be reckoned with if they flock together, combined with gargoyles that are B- class monsters. All in all, it will be very difficult enemies to repel, much more to exterminate.

He has to be faster if he needs to survive their onslaught. With his strength increased, his leg strength will be on par with Angels. He can also increase his speed but will have difficulty in controlling it.

He is in the middle of the encirclement of the flocking enemies, making a tornado-like formation, they are on the advantage of being on the air and when they all attack together, Mael will be ripped apart, nevermind his [Regeneration] on the Bloodsucking, flesh-eating, gut-grinding abominations of the darkness.

With Mael's vulnerability, his light armor will not hold out if ripped by the jaws of the prime vampires. It is said that leather light armors are for blunts and slashes but not for piercing. His enemies' canines have the piercing capability and are the weakness of the leather armor of Mael. In short, he has to be wary of the current enemies.

He watched the sky and it's getting darker with them obstructing the moonlight in the night sky. With the current situation, Mael closed his eyes and concentrated on the enemies' sound waves. With seconds of notice, he detected the enemies are getting closer and closer. Then on the signal of the prime Dracula, They all attacked synchronously, making Mael have no openings for a retreat.

In their current plan, the disadvantaged is the one in the center. With all odds against him, he needs to be courageous in this kind of predicament. His healing capability will not catch up with the damage he will take, while he is at the heart of the encirclement, he is cornered like a rat trapped in the hole and the predator is just waiting outside to attack its prey.

He tightened the grip in his sword and he stands still in the midst of the storm. All enemies that are flying around him are approaching fast in the center. Prime Dracula leads the assault of the monsters and that place will be bloody. Mael's hands are tingling at the sight of all enemies coming together to be slaughtered and piece by piece, he will rip them apart.

One meter before impact, He unleashed his sword from the scabbard with speed and force. In the blank space distance, the Prime Dracula and his sword clashed. With the force applied and the moment the iron claws of the Dracula touched, the sword broke into pieces.

He managed to be safe in the explosion of the sword's pieces and unscathed in the clash. With his sword broken, he is resorted to fist fighting and kicking like a fighter. With the sturdy body of The Draculas and Gargoyles, it is a great matchup for his tremendous strength. If the enemies can cope up with the damage, then it will be troublesome.

Mael was struck by disappointment, his cherished sword is broken by the iron claws of the enemy. His sword is a low-class iron short sword but it will not prevail against the superiority of the Draculas' claws. Their claws will fetch a high price in the market, used as the claws of clawed weapons of the rouges.

The barrage of clawing and scratching came after his sword broke and he is barely evading the attacks, his clothes are tattered in pieces and his leather armor is full of straight lines that are the result of him barely evading the claws.

They are slowly planning on covering and piling over Mael and he is cornered. Luckily, he still has a space to kick them off out of the "tornado of flying beasts". He made a double reverse roundhouse kick that arched to the front and back. Making the monsters pitifully cried when their bones snapped to the over applied force by a single person who is still a youngster.

They are blown away by the force and Mael switched to hand-to-hand combat, he squats and folds his arm by his side making a fighter's posture of combat readiness. He focused on concentrating and mustering his battle instincts to fight the enemies. If the situation is worsening, then he needs to adjust depends on the circumstance of his life. He is gonna punch his way through the enemies.

Thirty seconds have passed and his enemies are still encircling. The Draculas waited in the air and commanded the gargoyles to attack in unison. Mael on the contrary, still waiting for them to attack.

The Gargoyles launched an attack and Mael gripped his hands, hard enough to crush hard rock. He inhaled air through his mouth and held his breath while still in his fighting stance. He grinned and jumped in the air upwards.


With the enemies saw him, they assaulted him mid-air, they are approaching him so fast and Mael collided with them in the air. Everyone who approached is struck by his body and they are thrown away by his force. He is still going up and the encircling gargoyles are still incoming. He smashed them and all that are incoming, he punched one by one and they are thrown away while their flesh and blood splattered in the air rapidly.


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