Lumia: Other World
105 Mael Kelvin“s past part 4
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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105 Mael Kelvin“s past part 4

Mael is facing a great challenge in the current events and he will face a great horde of monsters that are summoned by his enemy. This guy will tell his name if he will actually defeat his minions and the price of winning is his life and the Angel that is laying down on the ground.

Meanwhile in the forest which is still burning, located at the uncharted wilderness of Dwight Kingdom's forest near the road of Dwight.

He is facing the great horde of monsters that are coming out of the portal; from ghouls to gargoyles, imps and other demonic creatures, from big to small, great or meager, all mixed together, all came out for the awaited orders from their master, standing still and all looked to Mael with fierceness. Some are sad looking, some are angry, and some are smiling. All of them are monsters and devils.

Mael is wondering where did they come from and where is the other world from the portal. All he knows that this is bad news, from the start and to his last breathing, he knows that this creature is the enemy that ended the lives of the villagers and his mother is killed by one of them. He will gladly lay down his life in order to get revenge and finish all of them in order to save his life and his broken companion. Quite ironic but it's the truth, well there's a risk of losing your life in order to keep it and save others.

He gave his one and only healing potion to the wounded Angel and is left with no healing at all. He is staggering to walk slowly because he is feeling again the pain of his recent wounds and injuries. He held his sword and prepared to attack but he was stopped by a shout.


The Angel spoke with a loud voice.

"I admire your courage child and your kindness, you've proven yourself worthy of my gift. With that, I gave you momentary power enough to defeat the minions so that you may prove to me what you can do. You have ten minutes to defeat them and remain victorious to the end. Now go!"

Mael stood there and the angel pointed his hands to him and a shining light is released from his hands. It left him and went to Mael's body.

After a second, Mael felt power coursing from his body. This mysterious powers is healing his wounds and gives him strength. If Mael imagines it, it has continues [Regeneration] and [Divine Strength] that is only temporary for ten minutes. With this power, it is enough to take on hundreds of enemies in minutes.

[Regeneration]- is an active buff skill that restores lost limbs and replenishes stamina. It has a duration of ten minutes and can be extended depends on the mana applied. It is one of the highest healing skills there is.

[Divine Strength]- is a support class strengthening skill that lends you the strength of Angels. The strength varies on the level of the caster. It has a duration of ten minutes and it can be extended depends on the mana applied.

He is looking at the towering trolls, parading goblins, and imps, orcs, ghouls and gargoyles, draculas and Cerberus. All of them are coming out of the portal and there's a thousand of them. If the time is enough, he can take them down but if only fate permits it, then he will still be alive to report it to the kingdom.

With all odds against him, he is left with only one choice, and that is to butcher all of them. He held his sword from behind and prepared to unleash his fury to his enemies. His current strength is his unreachable stage but he engraved it in his mind that this stage of strength is where he will be in the future.

He focused his strength on his feet and dashed. In a matter of seconds, he reached the enemies and pierced through their formation. Blood follows him every time he went through the enemies.

Boom! Boom! Splash!

The Fallen is amazed by what is Mael's doing and his blood is boiling in excitement. He watched from the air but he is not stopping to be amazed. First, Mael is charging at the goblins and all of them are blown away. He kicked some, slashed them into two and stabbed them, making his sword a barbecue stick. His speed is not comparable from before and his stats have increased except his vitality and intelligence. With his strength increased, his capability to dodge and to slash are greatly increased. He can kill ten goblins per second if he is counting the onslaught on the enemies.

His killing spree is continuing until the goblins are in disarray and broken. They never encountered such ferocity in ages but being surprised by a single enemy is the first time experience in their lives. They never thought of being killed in the first place and this is the least they are expecting.

They are fleeing and some are giving up their weapon when they are seeing him but the orcs appeared in the battle. These orcs are ready to die and are not afraid of death. They are courageous and brave warriors that are disciplined in combat, making them C class monsters. They are armed in combat and have weapons for killing.

They are classified by letters starting from F to S and the Fallens are classified starting from S to triple S and divided with lesser(-) and greater(+) on their class. There are many more monsters stronger than orcs and they are only on C+ class making them on the middle class.

Mael is still on the rampage and he does not plan on stopping from goblins. He wants to let them feel his rage when he is letting out his steam. He is seeing that the goblins are withdrawing from the slaughterer and the orcs are starting to flock from the distance, the other monsters are still on standby and still awaiting orders from their master.

He never thought that this "[Divine Strenght]" is that powerful, he will test it on the orcs in the meantime. They will be the lab rat that will prove how powerful is the strength of Angels, well all below "S class" will be slaughtered if that is the real strength of Angels if you imagine.

The orcs are getting nearer and encircling him, their red skin resembles that they are high orcs and that will be challenging for a child to kill seasoned fighters. But of course, that will be challenging also in their part if they are encountering a "prodigy child of dodge" combined with "strengthening skill of Angels". Well, he is not all-powerful but still a child, not even knowing a single skill from any class but only evasion and simple exercises.

For his father, normal movements (whether parry, counter, slash, block, trust, evade, etc.) without using skill and mana are the foundation that prepares him for learning skills. All his time is poured into exercises that make him ready up until now.

He is ready for any assault coming from the enemy and he is covered by blood, furthermore, his blade is not holding up in the intense battle. He can see some chipped parts from the blade because it is not built for Angelic might, but impressively it holds up and still usable for ten minutes.

His enemies are looking with a grimace and their lower canine is bulging from their mouth. Their faces are a symbol of boldness and dignity. Then it will only be crumpled later because his wrath will be showered upon them. Dignity or not, it's all the same for his sword.

When the orcs will give the initiative to attack, then it is time to counter. The orc leader is standing in the middle of the encirclement, Initiated the attack with a fierce roaring battle cry.

They flooded the battlefield and charged to their single enemy. With their spirits lifted up by their battle cries, their strength and courage are summoned from the depths of their heart. Will they succeed in the assault? will they be victorious? well, they are united in their hearts as one by their leader and they are getting nearer and nearer. Mael at the same time is crouching on the ground while putting his left hand on the ground and his right hand is on his short sword on his back. Waiting to pierce again the horde like a crouching tiger, ready to devour the prey on his hunting grounds.

He inhaled a handful of air then stomped the ground forwards like a pouncing cheetah. In an instant, he reached the leader and draws the blade, making a vertical slash in split second. He then turned and kicked the bodyguard to the abdomen and slashed the other in the chest where it can even barely defend himself.

Three are down in an instant, the other bodyguard's sword is flown in the other orcs and they are surprised by the souvenir sword from his friend. They are pretty lively up until recently then they are stunned by an outburst of screams of their brethren. Their battle cry turned to painful screams while some are in chorus with the other.

Mael charged to the heart of enemy lines while slashing an enemy even they are defending with their Shields and weapons, well all their tools of war is all smashed by the blade of the young child that has resentments to them.

The enemy lines are broken easily with his tremendous strength. Some are kicked over, some are blown up in the air and some are split into two. Mael never stopped in his slaughter even they are soft enough to be squashed upon by his kick. For him, it is the most satisfying work-of-art of revenge.

In his life, he never takes pleasure in killing but these monsters will be killing innocents whether he like it or not. So killing them will be saving lives at the same time. He succeeded in cutting half of their numbers in seconds without using mana or attack skills at all.

He slashes them without mercy but the enemies are still not retreating. Their dignity is on the line as the best warriors of their clan and dying from the enemy's sword is an honorable way to die for them. "No retreat, no surrender," they say. But with their thinning numbers, their cries are thinning also. Their bodies are broken but not their spirits. They rushed to the enemy until their last moments came, wondering if they have successfully completed their assignment or is it their last one. Well, the sad truth is bitter and they died without knowing.

One minute is given to them and there are only nine minutes left, but still, there are much more waiting for him beside the master of the monsters.

The unknown Fallen then said moments later saying, "If you've enjoyed yourself then have some more, it's all just a warm-up to relieve your boredom. I'm sorry if we're short-handed of staff to greet you but here they are!"

It pointed his fingers to Mael then this time, they all charged to him. A couple of hundred, not exceeding a thousand, came rushing to him on the battlefield. With seconds of notice, Mael felt alarmed whether the remaining time is sufficient or not.


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