Lumia: Other World
104 Mael Kelvin“s past part 3
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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104 Mael Kelvin“s past part 3

Zak has a contest of stamina against his enemy which is a Fallen while Mael and Elma escaped the enemy. They are currently chased by gargoyles and ghouls until Elma is on her limit. The gargoyles are fast approaching and their stamina is drained.

"Son you must survive, I will hold them back and you go to the capital, warn the soldiers of the Dwight kingdom of the impending threat", said her mom

"Mom if we part here, the chance of our survival will decrease, and you will be surrounded and I also will be surrounded too. We have to survive this together", Mael said to his mom

With what Mael has suggested, his mom held his hands and said; "If that's what you want, then follow me and stay behind my back"

Because of survival, Mael left no choice but to disobey her mother and stay alive together. In his thought, when they stick together, they can report this to the capital with a higher chance of survival.

They ran to the direction of the capital with haste without looking back to Zak. Even when they loved him, they still need to report this to the soldiers of the kingdom. They know that he is capable enough to hold him back for long hours.

In the midst of their fleeing, they felt that the enemies are fast approaching. They realized that sooner or later, the enemies will catch up because they are flying and some are fast enough to catch up with them.

Knowing this inevitable confrontation, they still dashed and dashed to keep the enemies away from them and to keep the distance from the capital a little bit nearer by a few meters.

While panting, his mother is assaulted by a diving gargoyle towards them. They are alarmed by the enemy cries that is drawing near from the distance.

Her mother draws her sword and prepared her battle instinct while Mael is on her back, holding also his own short sword in his waist while still sheathed. They still run while deflecting the upcoming gargoyles. The gargoyle attacks from above and Elma slashed its waist and then it screeched in pain when it stumbled in the pathway.

They left the enemy to flee from the assaulting enemies and gain distance from them when the undying ghouls at their backs are closing the distance. These monsters are fast and agile and usually hardy and don't feel pain, which results in them to become tenacious and aggressive in their behavior. When they are commanded to attack an enemy, they will never stop until the command is executed perfectly.

The enemies are approaching fast and their stamina is draining continuously. With every step they take, they are on high alert because from their both sides are the undying ghouls that are quickly catching up with them.

Mael is slowly draining his stamina after hours of running, he estimated that he can't last long in battle if he is completely drained.

With their armor that is producing clunking sounds, it is heavy and they are carrying it for hours.

With what is currently happening, the gargoyles are one by one diving to attack them and they are slashed in their attempt. The undying ghouls also dripping their saliva while running towards them.

One attacked from their back and Elma desperately fended off the enemy with her sword. Mael, on the contrary, is attacked also by a dashing ghoul.


"The undying ghouls are just getting back from the dead even wounded, you must decapitate them to render them from living.", Elma said to her son.

"So they keep attacking after all our attacks? I see, so you fend them off and I will do the finishing blow, like decapitating them.", Mael said

"Nicely thought son, let's do that", replied her mother.

They made a plan in split seconds and executed it with bravery. The ghouls attacked and Elma bashed them with her shield.


The ghoul shrieked when she bashed it to its head. Mael at the same time darted to the thrown enemy and slashed its head with precision. When he managed to kill it, the enemies surrounded him then jumped to him. Mael then retreated to Elma and they escaped them.

Mael is fast enough to evade them and is like a fish, swimming in the enemy assaults while running around his mother. While Elma is bashing her enemies and Mael is finishing them when he has a chance.

Elma is bashing and Mael is finishing them. They survived for an hour of slaughter and they are extremely exhausted. Especially Mael, because he performed the role of a rearguard and her mother is a vanguard that repels enemies.

When they saw all the bodies, littered on the pathway and they are the only ones standing, they collapsed because of extreme exhaustion. Elma dropped her shield and it made a clanking sound.

Mael's view on her is blurry and he is feeling dizzy in the tiring battle. His body is weakening and his mind fades away when he heard thundering laughter of an unknown origin. His body smashed to the ground and have a last look at the surroundings. He immediately looked up and saw that this figure is floating mid-air and has wings of a dragon, then he saw a figure of a warrior with wings of an eagle (large enough to cover its body), collided with the figure and that's what he saw until he closed his eyes.

Time passed by in Lumia and the world is still in danger to the Fallens and their minions. The battle is still ongoing and he is still in the trance in the depths of his mind, swallowed by the void of his own.




Time seems to slow down as he is sleeping but in his dreams, he is constantly being called by someone he knew. The voice of her mother is calling louder and louder but is not clear and seems to be stuttering until he is woken up by a loud boom in the near vicinity.

"Hah!? hah hah hah"

Mael breathes heavily when he was woken up in his dreams and is being held by his mother. They are hiding in a tree large enough to be hidden from the battle.

"It's okay son, were safe for now. I hide you here while the angel and the fallen are fighting but it's just a matter of time when they will find us. The angel is holding off but he is still disadvantaged to the enemy. We will escape while we can if you're okay now", said Elma to his son.

While they were talking, the night sky is being lighted up by fire and magic that is coming from the two battling rivals. The sound and flashes are coming in closer and closer then suddenly, an upcoming figure came crashing to the tree where they're hiding.

"Run!", Elma shouted


A loud banging sound was made when it crashed to the tree, the tree is cut into half and they saw the figure blown to many trees that it made a straight line of cleared space in the forest.

It was the figure of a warrior with broken wings, it was the angel itself!

They were shocked to the outcome of the battle and they are frightened that the enemy is stronger than they imagined. Without the angel who protects them, they will be the only ones left to protect themselves. Mael, on the contrary, has a feeling of anxiety, whether they can survive or not, it depends on the decisions they will make to survive.

While they are contemplating for a second, the enemy didn't give them time to escape. It landed on the ground with its wings held high and slammed its feet on the ground, it produced a great sound that is loud enough to make you cover your ear.

Mael was struck by fear, and cold sweat fell from his head to his cheeks. In the moment of sickening truth, Elma was left of only one option and that is to repel the enemy and make Mael escape.

In the cold night which is dark, the Fallen lighted up ablaze the forest and the light of fire illuminates his gruesome face. Without second thoughts, Elma takes on her sword and shield and shouted to his dear son.

"Mael run!!!"

Mael on the other hand, is hesitating to whether flee for his life or help his mom to escape from the enemy. He unsheathed his sword from his waist and prepared for the attack but at the moment his mother looked back at him.

"I said run! don't you dare disobey me this time! we're all gonna die if you disobey me", Elma said to him while her tears are flowing.

It only means that Elma is desperate enough to save her son at this moment of time. She neglected her safety, even though she thought that they will be able to both escapes but the enemy is strong enough to take them down. So she was only left with a single option to choose, which is to make her legacy to survive and be strong enough for the future.

She held her shield and sword and confronted the enemy while saying, "We will meet again in the future son". She strikes the enemy with all her courage. She dashed and dashed until a big explosion burst from the enemy and a great white light that is blinding enough to make you close your eyes, accompanied by a great booming sound that is emitted from the magic of the enemy.

It erased the surrounding domain of forest, only leaving ashes and brimstones to be walked on. Mael himself is blown away by the shock-wave of the ancient magic of angels that originated from the Creator himself.

He crouched from the ground and was in pain when he is trying to stand up, but it was all in waste. He is gripping the dust when he realized shortly that his mother is nowhere to be seen and all he could do is cry and cry and cry. His tears fall to the ground and are sizzling because of the scorching heat that is still present to the ground. He manages to subdue his loneliness and anger when he heard the laughter of the enemy that killed his mother.

He summoned all his strength to stand up using all his rage and wrath while breathing heavily. His tears dried up and he no longer feels pain or anything. Just rage and anger. He stands up and looked upon the despicable creature that he hates the most, with blood flowing from his head and burns from his darkened skin, he charged to the angel and he is showered by a barrage of missiles from the Fallen. He is hearing laughter from the enemy and he is evading the missiles. Luckily, the missiles are not a homing one and Mael is dodging them with pleasure. He has a great instinct in dodging and his only problem is his stamina that is drained in place of his successive evasion.

He is making progress in making it halfway to the angel and wake him up and give him a health potion. But the problem is how can he give it to him when he is currently fighting. Does he even have a chance to do it with the current enemy attacking him nonstop? Well, he will solve that if he can arrive first to his destination.

He saw many more magic missiles incoming and he is halfway through and his speed is deteriorating. Well, it will be more strenuous to dodge when more of his stamina is depleting. He unbuckles his belt holding his short sword in his waist and strapped it in his chest across his shoulders making the sword positioned in his back. It will be easier to dodge with his sheath not jingling around.

He is nearer and nearer but the enemy just doubled its missiles. The ground is hit and the rocks and soil from the ground are all thrown all over his surroundings while he evades, making him all covered in dirt and dust. If you're lucky enough to be blinded by incoming dirt to your eyes then it will be a disaster. The enemy didn't move from its original place and is just firing low leveled missiles to Mael. Maybe the villain is underestimating his enemy and it is an opportunity to him.

Wosh! Wosh! Wosh!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

His efficiency in dodging is slowly upgrading and it has still more room to grow. Mael feels that he became more cunning when it comes to evading. His leather armor is a little worn out because of his nonstop movement and action. He also feels that his foot is aching. But the fire of his soul is again being lit.

He can see that he is nearing the end of the tunnel as he sees his destination or his dead end. It depends whether he will succeed in reviving the collapsed angel laying down on the small crater caused by its crash. He hastily opened the lid of the health potion and trusted it to his mouth and took his shield to defend from the missiles.

The Fallen then gave a sour smile when Mael succeded in his plans to reach the rival enemy.

"Hahahaha! do you think that pity of an excuse weakling can defeat me? Well if you can endure enough to my minions, I will tell you my name! and as a bonus I will also let you live!", the Fallen said an offer that will give them a chance to live, well both of them actually.

Without a second, the Angel woke up and is coughing hard but still can't get up. He slapped him gently to his face covered with helm and said, "Hey wake up! you hear me! at least stand-up and fight him so we will have a chance to live here if we can get through this"

The Angel lifted his weary hands and puts it in his shoulders then said, "I can't stand up for now child but you can. Please do me a favor, give me time to recuperate my divine powers and I will fight alongside you. You're in my debt child, I know what you can do and you're the only one who can do it. Now go and defeat his minions. Rise from your own past self and reclaim your future"


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