Lumia: Other World
101 Mission together
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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101 Mission together

Kael was with Kelvin. They went traveling to the adventurer guild on foot. Kelvin was gathering unwanted attention as they were traveling. The people were looking at him with awe. Assuming that he was a knight bodyguard of Kael himself.

"Is getting attention one of the enchantments of your armor?", Kelvin asked.

Kael laughed at his reaction.

"Please get used to it. Or you can remove your helmet. It was covering your face.", Kael said.

"Okay.", Kelvin said and removed his helm.

He puts it on his waist and resumed walking.

"You are really cool with your armor. Let's get fast and go to adventurer guild.", Kael said.

They went faster and Kelvin saw girls flirting at him. Kelvin didn't mind it and resumed traveling. Kael felt like the master of a knight. Smiling while on the way to the adventurer guild. With him finding a partner, he felt greater self-confidence. They arrived at the adventurer guild and some adventurers were looking at Kelvin. Someone with a ranger outfit approached Kelvin and grabbed his hand.

"Wow, do you have a team? Please join us!", he said to him.

"Ummm, He has a team currently.", Kael said to him.

He grinned at Kael and stared him with an annoyed look.

"Do I talk to you brat? Don't talk to me if I don't talk to you. Now, where were we? Oh! joins us! We don't currently have a warrior with us.", he said to Kelvin.

"Ummm, sorry! I have a team with Kael. He is my master.", Kelvin said to him.

"Huh? Him? Tsk! Leave him and I will double your pay! Huh?", he said in an annoying tone like being sarcastic.

"Uh Hahahaha!", Kelvin can't help but laughed while scratching his head.

"Hey! You don't want to bribe him while I am here, can you? You see.....I can pretty buy a mansion with just the armor and weapons I have given to him.", Kael said while pouting.

"Urgh! Mansion? You are lying! I will just get another teammate then! You will regret this!", he said then left.

"Ugh! A mansion? Really?", Kelvin asked.

"Nah it was cheap. Kjelg's items were cheap but that weapons and armor were in the caliber of an artifact. Costing an entire mansion. Despite the fact that it has only master-level enchantments. It has been stacked with enchantments.", Kael said.

"Okay, just how precious these are?", Kelvin asked.

"Don't mind it. We can find another one if you destroyed it.", Kael said.

"Um okay!", Kelvin replied.

Kael went to the quest board and picked one.


Mission type–Dungeon exploration.

Details–find out what monsters are within the dungeon cave.

Location–Heltcliff Falls

Rewards–Investigate the identity of monsters. Extra reward for killing all monsters.

Duration–One week


"Let's go to the quest desk and assign this mission to us.", Kael said.

They went to the quest desk and they submitted the quest. It was received by the lady at the desk and was shocked by its contents. She smiled at them and looked at Kael and Kelvin.

"Oh! Dungeon exploration! A scouting mission with an extra reward for extermination. Be careful out there okay!", She said and then stamped it with "Taken".

"Let's go!", Kael said then they left.

They exited the adventurer guild and prepared for the journey. They purchased rations for days. They were currently walking towards the Heltcliff Falls. It was located in the north of the capital. It was near the Kobold cave that Kael has cleared. Equipped with his sword shield and weights, they were a force to be reckoned with. While on the way, they were walking on the forest floor that has leaves. The way was red as leaves littered the road. Maple trees were beside the road and were giving shade from the sun. The wind was gushing from the east and produces a whooshing sound as the wind collided with the trunks of the trees. The cold wind strikes their skin and leaves fall off from their twigs.

"Hey Kael, this weather was a sign of the upcoming winter. It was already fall.", Kelvin said.

"Yeah! The animals were hibernating now. Monsters were also affected by weather and seasons. Let's hurry up and go to the kobold cave nearby.", Kael said while enduring the chilling breeze of fall.

They hurried running to have a shelter in the cold weather. Dashing on the leaves they run to and breathing steam out of their mouths. Kael enchanted his weights with [weightlessness] and [haste] to the boots.

The snow was seen dropping and the cold breeze were getting more and more intense. Running was the only way they were doing and they met elks running. Crossing the road they were paving and were chased by wolves.

"Stop! Let's wait for them to pass by. Let's hide to the trees.", Kael said while breathing steam from his mouth.

They run to the nearest tree and went hiding. Howls were echoing the forest and saw the wild wolves pass by and chased the elks.

"I don't want to waste energy on these creatures. Let's watch out for the enemies for now and hurry to the Hentana cave.", Kael said.

Looking at the wild wolves who passed by, Kael gestured that it was clear. Immediately, they burst running on the road that was covered with leaves. The wind was getting fiercer as the time goes by and they were running hastily.

"Kael, are we getting nearer to the pit stop? How close are we?", Kelvin asked while keeping the pace while running beside him.

"We were near! Look at up ahead. See that smoke there? That was the camp of miners. I have cleared the mines so it was a safe place and a hub was established by now.", Kael said while breathing heavily.

"Oh, so we're near. Let's hurry up. I am getting goosebumps as I hear monster shouts while in this forest.", Kael said in a worried voice.

"I can assure you that we are near and lets rest there.", Kael said.

Running towards the destination, they went to pass a road that was like a snake. A hard left and a hard right, they went swerving left and right until Kael saw a post that says, "Mining Hub Ahead". A pole that has torches were seen on both sides of the road.

They saw a camp of people in the area. The miners were currently taking a rest and were eating their lunch. Passing bowls to them and they lined up to get their portion of food. Small tents were made of the skin of animals were installed and there were carriages that were carrying the mined ore of glowing stones. Mercenaries were hired as bodyguards and they were currently eating. Kael didn't expect it to be changed so dramatically that the past imagery of the market hub was nowhere to be seen. Kael saw a place to eat and he ushered Kelvin to eat with him. Kelvin then went to eat with him and rested for a while because of the tiring journey. They were sitting on one of the chairs for the visitors and began talking after they ate their lunch.

"Kael. How did you clear the cave? It was infested with kobolds right?", Kelvin asked him.

"I am like any other adventurer there who were farming experience points and hunting kobolds for their cores. Until I have found that they were making their own weapons and having detailed plans like intelligent beings. At first, it was just exploring the deep floor but I ended up a spy. I brought it to the guild master as evidence. Impressed with my skills, I was proposed with a mission to clear the cave as a reward of studying all job classes in the academy. And here I am, doing missions with you.", Kael said to him.

"So that means you will learn all job class? Gosh, I hope I can do that too. I am low on budget and plans the same with you. I am quite jealous of your connections.", Kelvin said.

"So you wanted to be like me who learns all job class? Let's do it together then!", Kael said to him.

"Yeah! Fist bump!", Kelvin said.

"From now on we are brothers! Hahaha!", Kael said.

"Let's go now! Or we might end up finishing at night.", Kelvin said.

Kael and Kelvin have now sworn brothers and they proceeded to their destination which was the Heltcliff falls. There was a way towards the Falls and it was only a foot wide. It was grassy beside the way and there was a river beside them where they were traveling. They walked on the way and was hearing the sound of the river as it traveled downstream. They were following the river upstream where the falls were located and they were surrounded with trees. Chirps of birds were heard and they were traveling towards their migration place.

"We will be the ones who will first investigate Heltcliff Falls. If it was a monster den or a tourist spot. We will see it later on. Kelvin. Can you tell me what happened to you in detail as we walk?", Kael asked.


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