Lumia: Other World
100 Together with Kelvin
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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100 Together with Kelvin

Kael was with Kelvin eating at the ramen shop. They finished eating and both of them burped.


They went laughing afterward. Holding their own tummies.

"Kael, let me get my belongings and meet you here.", Kelvin said.

"Oh! let me join you get your belongings. Might carry some of your backpacks as well.", Kael said.

"Really? Well, do what you want. Let's walk towards the inn I am resting.", Kelvin said.

"Okay! Let's go! Was it there?", Kael asked him while pointing out the way on the north.

"No it was there in the west.", Kelvin said.

"Okay lead the way!", Kael said.

Walking the brick road, the sun's rays were piercing the fog and the way was clearer. It was majestic to see the fog being clearer and it was being blown by the wind. It was still cold and the wind was blowing towards them. Kael and Kelvin was not minding it. But despite the fact that they were not minding it means they didn't felt it.

"Gosh! Does the winter was coming? It already fell now.", Kael said.

"Let's hurry. My hairs in my skin were all standing up.", Kelvin said.

They went to the west district where there were many residential houses and inns. They arrived at the Inn and it was a run down one. The wood was black and has green molds on the wooden roof. Some stray cat passed them by and was running from their left to the right.

"So this is it?", Kael asked him.

"What's with that tone? This is the thing!", Kelvin said loud and clear.

They both entered the inn and there were many candles and lamps on the tables and walls. They were all stared by the men who were already there. Their looks were not very comforting for Kelvin and Kael. The counter has a lamp on it and the teller was a plump girl and has a dirty white apron that was put on her dirty marine blue dress. She smiled and has black dots on her teeth.

"How may I help you misters?", She asked.

"I would like to relocate and will take my belongings in my room.", Kelvin said then putting a pouch of coins to the table.

"That's my fee for my stay here.", He added.

Kelvin was just looking at the other customers and they stared back at them. Kael moved closer to Kelvin and let out a whisper to his ears.

"Hey Kelvin, these people were staring at us.", Kael said.

"Don't mind them and don't talk about them while they were looking at us.", Kelvin said.

"Oh okay. How about we hurry and leave this place right now. I think they like us.", Kelvin said while still whispering.

"Don't say that! It was disgusting!", Kelvin said like he was like shouting in a muffled voice.

"Okay okay. Let's go to your room. I felt being undressed by their glances.", Kael said in his ears.

"Okay here is the key to your room. Go now, shoo!", she said while flapping her hands for them to go away.

They went to the room of Kelvin and it was the room on the farthest. Room ten was the number inscribed on it. Kelvin unlocked the door and they went inside.

Kael saw a bed beside the window with white curtains that were hanging on it. A small table on the left side with a small chair. His rucksack was on his bed and some clothes were hanged on the metal rod. It was for the washed clothes that Kelvin used for drying his clothes.

"Oh! Your room was cozy despite the cold outside. It was warm here.", said Kael while being struck with warm air.

"Yeah you can say it that much.", Kelvin said and began to put his dried clothes to his rucksack.

He put it on his back and then hops a bit.

"Let's go!", Kelvin said to Kael.

They exited the room and walks to the counter. The lady was still there and she smiled again to them. Kelvin handed the key to her and then she grabbed the key hurriedly.

"Thank you for your service! We will go now.", Kelvin said then bowed at her.

They left the inn hurriedly and Kael was walking faster than Kelvin to get out. They both walk to the brick road towards Kael's dwelling place.

"I don't like that place. How did you get used to it anyway?", Kael asked.

"Nah. I was finding a cheap inn because I was short on budget. You can say it that way. When I have arrived here in this city, I was penniless and she took me in despite I don't have any money. She was kind enough to give me meals even though I don't have anything to return the favor.", Kelvin said.

"Oh, I feel bad now. Why are you alone here? Where is your father?", Kael asked.

"He was on a secret mission from the king himself. He left me a letter and his savings for the academy.", Kelvin said.

"Oh, that explains it. My father also was on a secret mission from the king. And don't tell anyone okay. We might get unwanted attention.", Kael said to him.

"Okay okay, sir Kael. What will we do later on?", Kelvin said.

"You want to go to adventurer guild and do missions? Both of us? I don't have a team currently.", Kael said.

"Okay let's do that! It was perfect because I don't have a companion right now.", Kelvin said to him.

"What is your weapon? You didn't have one?", Kelvin asked him.

"I have a dagger inside my rucksack. I sold my sword due to lack of money.", Kelvin said.

"Don't do it, dude. Well, let's choose one for you. You want one?", Kael asked him.

"Okay let's find one for you. I have money to spare here. I will buy you an armor if you like.", Kael said.

"Thanks but let's set the armor for next time. Let's do the sword first. Or I can be a shooter that carries a bow and arrow? Are you a ranged type? A melee? A mage? Assassin?", Kelvin asked curiously.

"I am a melee type and an assassin. I can do ranged but not magic. You see, I am a combatant that has no skills. Gaining skills were only at the academy. You can join me if you like!", Kael said.

"Yeah let's join the academy this opening! In one year and we will be enrolling there.", Kelvin said.

"If you are melee type and assassin then let me do the ranged. I can do well even with a bow.", Kelvin said to him.

They were very happy talking to each other. They walk and walk until they arrive at the blacksmith store of Kjelg. They entered and the door chimed as the bells were touched. To their surprise, Kjelg was already there standing waiting for visitors.

"Oh, you came back! What would you like to have?", Kjelg said by surprise.

"I want the best armor for Kelvin, the best bow, and a quiver of arrows. Give him a set of dual daggers and a sword.", Kael said to Kjelg.

"As you wish my liege!", Kjelg said.

"Whoa whoa that was too many to carry!", Kelvin said.

"At least let me give that much protection and weaponry. I don't want to be guilty of something that will happen to you.", Marlin said.

"Okay fine. I will be paying it back in the future. So let me have it.", Kelvin said.

Kjelg gave his heavy-looking armor and put it to Kelvin. He hops a bit but can not see the difference of having an armor than without. It was full plated cover all armor of knights. It was silver and was shining.

"This is surprisingly light! I can go all out with this.", Kelvin said.

"I have enchanted that one with all master level enchantments so you will be protected. Now for your weapons. Kjelg.", Kael said.

"As you wish!", he said then left.

He puts the ancient-looking bow to the table and the dual daggers. He turned then puts the sword on the table. The bow was colored white and the daggers were ashen grey. His sword was silver and it was two-handed. befitting of a knight. He equips it all and was a knight that was ready for war.

"Yeah! I can feel the enchantments that were buffing me. I am feeling too overpowered right now. I feel like this is excessive of the fact that we were low ranked adventurers.", Kelvin said.

"Hmmm don't worry about that. I've got you covered. Well, it was only normal to spend on equipment if you have the money. Right Kjelg?", Kael said.

"Yes! The greater the equipment. The easier is the mission. The easier the mission, the faster to level up.", Kjelg explained.

"You are right. I am level sixty-five and was poorly equipped. I need to be minding my safety and filling the gap of my equipment was one thing.", Kelvin said.

"Well, let us leave for now. Kjelg, here is the pay. Let's test your power in our mission later on. Shall we?", Kael said to him.


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