Lumia: Other World
99 Retrieval
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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99 Retrieval

Kael went strolling to the streets and he was wondering what to do. He saw the citizens were walking in the streets and they were not so numerous due to the fact that many were still asleep. He was walking to the brick road while being on pace. The breathing of Kael was cold and he was letting out steam from his mouth.

"Hmmm, today was unusually cold. The fog was covering the distance and the way was not clear.", Kael said.

He rubbed his hands and blows air on it. Hot air was alleviating his cold hands and was doing it while walking. Walking to the industrial district where the blacksmiths were located. The smokes of their chimneys were already gushing out and Kael knows that they have already worked. Looking by the distance, he saw the store of Kjelg. The hanging metal poster was very familiar to Kael. He saw that the store was renovated and the molds in the roof were removed. Seeing it was refreshing to the eyes. He will be entering the door and grabbed the handle of the door. He pushed the door and the bells just up in his head were touched and it clangs upon his enter.

"Anybody home?", Marlin said as he saw that the room has nobody.

It was utterly silent so he scanned the armors in the room. Enchanting them one by one. He was on his work when Kjelg saw him. Kjelg was shocked as he saw there was already a customer.

"Oh, it's you! You arrived just in time. I will get it right away.", Kjelg said then he went back inside.

Kael waited for him to arrive and was sitting on one of the chairs. He finished enchanting and looked at the weaponry.

"Kjelg made brand new weapons and armors! He produces pretty fast. Looking at it, I badly needed my weapon and weights. Let's hope that I will get it now.", Kael said while contemplating.

Kjelg arrived and he was lifting his customized weapon. His weights were also brought to him.

"My ordered weapon and weights! Oh, I'm glad that you finished them.", Kael said.

"The scabbard was here and let me attach it to your back.", Kjelg said.

He attached it to him and he slides down the big sword to his back. Feeling the weight of the sword as it was put to his back.

"Wow! It was pretty heavy. I will put my weights on my body now.", Kael said.

He puts the weights and hops a bit.

"It was heavy but bearable. My plans and attacks will be different this time. Huhaha! Heavier attacks will be the thing now.", Marlin said.

"Oh! I am glad that you liked it! Thank you for enchanting my items! I am deeply indebted to you.", Kjelg said to him while bowing.

"No no, Don't say that. I will be taking these items and I've enchanted the armors and weapons.", Kael said.

As they were talking, the door opened and the bells chimed. A kid entered and it was at the same age.

"Kelvin! How did you find me here?", Kael shouted.

"Kael! You are here too?", Kelvin shouted.

Kelvin and Kael sighed. Kelvin then approached Kjelg.

"Did you finished my weights?", Kelvin asked.

"Yeah! Let me take it first. Wait here.", Kjelg said.

"So you ordered weights too?", Kelvin asked.

"Yeah! It was a great physical enhancement method for building up strength. And my attacks will be heavier too!", Kael said.

"Yeah, same here.", Kelvin said.

It was then, Kjelg arrived and he brought the weights to Kelvin.

"Sorry for my delays. I have a bigger quota due to the demand of the customers were high. And Kael here's your share.", Kjelg said to him and gave the coins in a pouch.

"Wow, it's heavy! Thanks!", Kael puts in his bag and then bowed to Kjelg.

Kelvin then puts the weights to his arms and legs.

"Wow, it fits perfectly! Nice job sir!", Kelvin said.

"Thank you for my shares. I will leave now", Kael said.

"Oh, sure! Please come back someday if you have time.", Kjelg said.

"Hey, Kelvin let's eat! It's on me!", Kael said.

"If you have spare then I will gladly accompany you!", Kelvin said.

"Let's eat ramen. It's cold outside and it's the best time to eat it.", Kael said.

"Yeah, I agree with that! Eating ramen was the best!", Kelvin said.

"Let's go!", Kael said.

Both of them exited the store and went on the way to the food district. On the way, the fog was heavy and thick. They were walking and saw some citizens pass by. It was close to bumping them because of the heavy fog.

"Are you sure this is the way Kael? We might get lost you know?", Kelvin said worriedly.

"Yeah! I can smell the foods from here.", Kael said.

"So that means we are getting near now! I will gladly eat. I didn't have breakfast yet. I sometimes go to quests without eating. That was pretty affecting my energy and strength.", Kelvin said.

"Don't do that again. If you do that, you will be endangering yourself. How about let us eat together every day and take on missions together.", Kael said.

"Thinking about it. That was a pretty interesting idea. Okay, let's do that. I don't have a place to get back to in the first place.", Kelvin said.

"Let's be companions from now on. And don't go to monster killing hunt without a proper meal. Okay!", Kael said.

"Yeah! Yeah! You sound like a mother. It was eerie to my ears.", Kelvin said.

"Oh look! A ramen stand! Let's hurry up.", said Kelvin.

They saw a small stand that has a curtain in the front of the stall and when they entered the curtain, they saw several chairs that were round. A table was on the front and the chef was in just at the front of your table.

"You want ramen sir?", said the chef.

"Two premium ramen sir.", Kael said.

Kelvin sat at the chair and he was waiting patiently for the food. The chef put noodles on the bowl and put slices of pork meat in the bowl. He sprinkled spices and poured the broth to each of them. He also added a halved boiled egg to the bowl.

"Here sir! Enjoy!", he said loud and clear.

Kael grabbed the bowl and passed it to Kelvin. He also grabbed his.

"Thank you for the food!", they both said.

Both of them grabbed the chopsticks and sipped the noodles. Eating the pork and the halved boiled egg.

"It was really nice to eat without worries. I think.", Kelvin said.

"You must do this every morning with me. If you wanted. I won't force you to but it was pretty nice to be eating with someone.", Kael said.

"That makes sense. Yeah, don't worry about it. It was a nice proposition for me that was all in my favor.", Kelvin said.

"By the way, you've said that you have no place to go back. What do you mean by that?", Kael asked.

"Oh about that. I am one of the villagers in Shelkhem. We were at a festival and a meteor fell nearby. It was a fallen that emerged on the crash site. My father warned the citizens but it was too late. Monsters appeared after the fallen made a gate to the other world. My father and my mother escaped the village but my mother died protecting me from the fallen.", Kelvin said.

"I am sorry for forcing you to tell it to me. But you are not the only one who was attacked by fallen. The golden valley was also attacked by monsters and if the meteor was a fallen, then it also caused by the fallen itself.", Kael said.

He paused and resumed his talking.

"So that makes us both victims. But I didn't lose my mother. So I am giving my sympathy. I am sorry.", Kael said.

"You don't have to say sorry. There was nothing to be sorry about. You know that there were beings stronger in us, humans, in general, and that's angels or fallens. Right?", Kelvin asked him.

"Well yeah! But I don't think that all hope was lost because of it. Let's get stronger and avenge our loved ones. We will be avenging them.", Kael said.

"Yeah! let's get stronger than fallens shall we?", said Kelvin.

"Let's end these sufferings in the world.", Kael said.

"Not a bad idea. Let's do that.", Kelvin said.

They finished a bowl and they ordered another.

"Another bowl please!", Kael said to the chef.

They were again given a bowl of ramen and they ate again.

Kael felt relieved to share his ideas with another person. It was very good news for him to find an ally. Sharing the same hate to the enemy called fallens. A fire was lit in their hearts and Kelvin was also inspired to hear that he was not alone. Well not anymore.


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