Lumia: Other World
98 The meeting
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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98 The meeting

The kings seated in their chairs while they were talking to their fellow kings. In that tent that was colored red. King Ainztain was in the front and he grabbed the kings' attention. They became serious when Ainztain began to talk.

"My fellow kings who ruled different kingdoms. We were here today to plan grave matters. The first agenda was to defend Lumia. Right where we stand now. The Ma-Aken Gorge itself. We kings were the hope of our people. Being legends were a feat that will rival the enemies. I suggest that we will suggest a plan to defend this territory.", King Ainztain said to them.

The kings was calm and composed. He was watched with sincere eyes from each one of them.

"We will be with you till the end but our numbers were not enough. We need to find the past heroes of second war. I suggest that as our second agenda.", king of elves said to him.

"I agree with Dale's suggestion. We were still not enough to suppress the enemies. The scouts were formidable enough and they will be hard to kill. How will we survive against the stronger ones with our ranks as legends?", the king of hobbits said to Ainztain.

"Another problem was the closing of the rift. It will be hard to close it as for now. But I believe mythical class will be able to close it. It was the strongest class for now that we can hope for.", said Ainztain.

"I suggest that we find the heroes and hunt the enemy's scouts. Let's make a team to hunt them and a team to defend the rift, some will search the heroes. It would be easier that way to solve three problems at a time. Killing three birds with one stone.", King Ainztain said.

"Then let's make a team to defend and hunt. Who will be the leader to hunt then?", asked Fang.

"How about the Beast men kings to hunt the fallen scouts. They were experts on hunting right? The humans kings will find the heroes as they were the most versatile and the Demi human kings to defend the rift due to the fact that they were resilient and experts on many ways." said the Dwarven king.

"Wow I didn't know that mouth of yours will be useful.", Fang said to him.

"Bah! It was my wisdom not my mouth.", he replied.

"Then your mouth has wisdom then.", Fang said to him.

"Don't rub salt on my wound. I'm hurt here.", he said as he taps his chest.

"Just joking! I am surprised with your temper. You are a king that didn't move based on your temper!", Fang said to him.

"You are lucky that I haven't drink that much.", Dravid said to him.

The kings chuckled with while looking to Dravid's expression. He was utterly destroyed by his speech.

"Ahem! So who agrees with his suggestion.", Ainztain said.

They all raised their hands and was looking with each other.

"Well it will be concluded then! We will be assembling our troops tomorrow.", King Ainztain said.

"So who wants to have a relaxing hot bath?", King Ainztain said.

"You have one in this desert?", Dravid asked.

"Well water magicians produces water and fire magicians produces heat. They have successfully prepared the bath.", Ainztain said.

"Well we don't have a choice don't we? Let's relax before we hunt those bastards!", said Fang of Lycans.

"You have a point! Since the most dangerous job was hunting them.", said Rouse of Druids.

"Defending was a different case. Stronger enemies will arrive. Hold out till then.", said Ainztain to the Demi-humans kings.

"Don't worry that much. We were experts don't we? In terms of defense that is.", King of Hobbits said to Ainztain.

"Let's go! I'm itching to take a bath.", said the Dwarven king.

The other kings laughed as they exited the tent. They proceeded to the artificial hot bath and they enjoyed that much that night.


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