Lumia: Other World
97 Back again
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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97 Back again

Kael has recovered his strength in his rest. With the ample time he has rested and prepared Golden Valley. He needs to get back to adventuring. He needs to level up while getting stronger and lording the Golden Valley will not make him strong enough to defeat his enemies. He needs to be stronger as fast as he could to defend his people.

Kael was outside their mansion gate and Erza was crying. Vanz and Maledic was also there, standing in front of Kael. His mother wiped her tears with her handkerchief. Kael was worried to his mother's welfare while she was crying. It was a great test that they successfully passed.

"I will come back mom. I still have some things to do.", Kael said to his mom.

"You will leave already? I missed you so much.", she said then hugged him.

"I will rank up my adventurer status first and be ready to the entrance exam of the academy. If I have achieved a rank A adventurer rank then I can be sure that the academy will not treat me a thrash. With a letter from the guild master of adventurer's guild, then I will be a step higher from my goal.", Kael said to his mom.

"Maledic, please ensure the safety of Golden Valley.", Kael said then he turned to Vanz.

"And Vanz, take care of Golden Valley as I train to become stronger. I will be leveling up first to become stronger. Strong enough to defend my people.", Kael said.

"Don't worry Baron Mael, I will ensure the safety of your realm.", Maledic said to him.

"You will be rest assured master. I will ensure the prosperity of Golden Valley. As well as the condition of your people.", Vanz said to him.

"That would be good. I am rest assured now that I got you two.", Kael then about face and went on his way.

After stepping three steps, he turned around to them.

"And by the way, write me letters okay?", Kael said.

"Of course! We will!", shouted his mother.

Kael travelled to the carriages that will travel to the capital. He walks to the streets solitary and the sun was emitting yellowish to reddish color and it was a sight to behold. With the road painted with its rays. Kael felt solitary and as well as happy to his life while reminiscing the past battles. He was hesitant to leave his mother's side but absolute strength was what he needed right now. Even with the strength of his army was getting stronger, he still needs absolute strength to face the enemy head on. And not to cower in his army's backs. As an adventurer, he thought that he needs to be stronger as fast as he could. The Fallen warned him that they will wipe off all races that they will face and rule the world of Lumia. It was what will happen to the kingdoms as well as the Golden Valley without absolute strength to protect. It was what Kael was on his mind and it was the truth that he faced.

For now, he needs to travel to the capital and be as strong as he could. Thanks to the Creator's gift, he has his system on him. He copied the divinity of Angel Michael on hand and he needs to be level 1000 on his character level. It has the capacity to copy other job-classes. He will be a tad stronger if he has the ability to copy other's skills. Kael didn't even know to what extent his system can copy. Nor the secrets it has. All he knows was he can copy the divinity of angels effortlessly and if the conditions was met, he can use them.

Kael arrived to the terminal while on his robes. He payed the fare and was on his way. He waited for other persons to make the carriage full but no one was there to make it full. The driver then decided to be on his way. They travelled to the Golden Mountain and Kael once again saw the view of his realm. He smiled as he saw the expansion of his town and the people flocking to his town. The walls was seen as the guards were guarding the gates. The giant crossbows of the towers were seen from the carriage. He saw that the town was prepared for enemy siege. The way was foggy and the cold wind stings Kael's skin as they descended the mountain. The clouds collided with the mountain tops so it was foggy. They successfully travelled the foggy road without ambush nor monsters on the way.

Kael slept on the way and he arrived the capital. He was woken up by the driver when they arrived the gates to be checked up. It was night time when they arrived to the gates. Kael then gave his adventurer card to the guards and he was checked. He was immediately passed when they saw the adventurer card. Kael then went to the ugly ducking inn and checked in. He approached the receptionist and he talked to her.

"One month of stay here. Here's the fee. I want the same room. It was room number seven.", Kael said to her.

"Sure! How have you been? It's been so long since you left.", she politely asked.

"It was sure a long time. I visited my mom for a while to solve some matters.", Kael briefly said.

"Okay! Here's the change! And here's the key to room seven.", she said then handed him three silvers and the key.

Kael went on his way and planned to retrieve his customized sword and his weights from Kjelg. He cultivated his stats to pass time. This time, he doubled his routine. The push ups were now two hundred. His speed in rapid side steps were twice as fast. He jogs in longer length and twice the length of his mana cultivation.

He watched his window card and saw it has inprovements.


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Kael Melvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Status of living: Villager

Adventurer Rank: Rank E+

Job-class: combatant

Character level: 25

Character Statistics:

Strength (41) +

Dexterity (45) +

Vitality (46) +

Focus (96) +

Stats points: 75



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