Lumia: Other World
96 The royal dinner
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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96 The royal dinner

"King Dread! How was your wife now? We met in the past and she was so strong!", King of Dwarves asked.

"She was doing fine. She can overwhelm me when she uses her spells. But it was strange that she chose me to be his husband.", King Dread said.

"I thought that I will be single for the rest of my life but she defeated me and I was surprised that she decided that her reward of the battle will be a marriage.", He said.

"She stormed my hideout to just find me.", King Dread said to him.

"Bahahaha! That was epic love story you've got. Well as for me, my wife was my own general in the past. She was a monster when being angered. She was guarding the kingdom right now. I have faith in her.", King Dravid of Dwarves said then gulped his drink.

Meanwhile, King Fang was in the middle King Vlad and King Edmund Rouse. King Fang grabbed a ham and ripped the meat with a bite.

"So how was your kingdom doing?", king Vlad asked Fang.

"My kingdom was okay. We were busy in training the pups and doing our own lives until I received the letter. My elites were immediately gathered and we left. The kingdom's security were left to my dad who were still alive and kicking. How about you?", Fang asked him.

"We? We were doing fine and I woke up recently from my slumber when I received a letter from Dwight. I was surprised by it and plans to let my kingdom be guarded by my men. I then met my princess and was surprised by her growth. Well my princess was thirteen recently. I planned on letting her join Dwight's academy too. She mastered what she needs to master by the way. I will let her experience like other children. She grows fast like all vampires do.", King Vlad said to him.

"That's good to hear!", King Rouse said.

"We Druids were living in our forest when a messenger arrived. I was hesitant to leave my forest but it was needed for us to be pillars of this world. We don't have our past heroes to protect us. I can feel that they were approaching the ascension to Divinity. We were celebrating our coming of age feast when we felt that strong entities arrived the Lumia. The world's balance were disrupted once again.", Rouse said seriously.

"It was okay mate! We were here to fight anything! Cheers!", Fang lifted his cup and cheers with him.

"Thanks!", Rouse said relieved.

Vlad drank his cup and then looked at the other side of table. King of Elves were talking with the Hobbit King and the Dwarven King. They were laughing and the talkative Dwarf king was energetic as always. The King of elves were calm and composed. The Hobbit King was seen and enjoying the food.

"King Midas Gudtarg of Hobbits! Enjoy the food. Eat well and your height will increase!", the Dwarf king said to him.

"It was my weight which will increase not my height! It was the same to you ain't it?", He replied to the Dwarf king.

"Bah! Who cares. We were fated this way. Wait a minute. Who was taller between us two? I am quite intrigued by it.", He said to the Hobbit king.

"Literally, I am taller to you! How much more when I equip my battle suit!", He said to him.

"You will become giant? Well good luck with that. I am still stronger when it comes to raw power despite my height. As you can see, the more we eat, the stronger we become!", the Dwarf king said to him.

"Hahaha! That was mind-blowing!", the Hobbit King said to him.

"Hey Elf king! Who will be stronger between us if we fight?", asked The Hobbit king.

"Not knowing how strong you've become will not be possible to guess who will win. But in the past. Well that would be a tie.", he said to them.

"What!", they both shouted.

"The Dwarves' superior armors and weapons, combined with stronger physique will be a tad hard to deal with. The Hobbits despite being physically weak were summoners of automatons and battle suites that were on par with the Dwarves. But it was still hard to guess the outcome.", he briefly explained.

"Well the outcome was not important. We were on the same side ain't we? How about we make a toast? Let's cheer up everyone!", Dwarf king Dravid said to Elf King Dale.

"Another toast! Cheers!", Dale said as he lifted his cup.

"How was the food? Did you like it?", King Ainztain asked.

"It was splendid! How did you find these cooks? Let me hire some of them!", King Dravid said to him.

"You flatter me King Dravid! Your wines was the best! Glad that you've brought some for us to taste it.", Ainztain said to Dravid.

"It was the best in our kingdom! Smithing was not only our talent. You see, we like wines too!", he said to him.

"We will be having a hard fight so let us enjoy by now!", King Dravid said to Ainztain.

King Midas grabbed a roasted chicken leg and took a bite.

"This is delicious!", he commented.

"See! That was the reason why I want his chefs!", Dravid said to King Midas.

"It was because we were using spices. The Dwight's culinary was the most advanced in terms in cooking. We have collected different knowledge from different families and lineages and it resulted that our cooking evolved in general.", Ainztain said to them.

"Wow that's a long history you've got. Combining different lineages from different families resulted to Dwight's prosperity. The different job-class from different families were also astonishing. Do you know who gathered the different families of different job-classes?", the king of Dwarves asked.

"He was the founder of Dwight kingdom himself. His name was not written in books but I know that he still lives and was in the shadows. Maybe he removed his name in the books and left to journey to have divinity. It was all I know for now.", Ainztain said.

"I am sorry to hear that.", Dravid said.

"I think I know some informations about that.", the Elf king said.

"My ancestors met him once when he founded the Dwight kingdom. He was the party leader of Different Job-classes holders of Dwight that time. But he was once the leader who uses only techniques."

"Techniques you say?!", King Ainztain said to him while bewildered.

"He was the leader of the ancestors of the Dwight council of different job-classes. He didn't have a job-class at all! I don't know where he was now but I know he was watching in the side-lines. Waiting for the right timing for his return.", the elf king said to him.

"He was related to the Kael family?", Ainztain said it out loud.

"Kael family?! Just where did I heard that name. Humm I wonder. But that's not all, My father said that he visited the elf kingdom in the past. My father also said that he was visiting Dwight sometimes but he was hiding in different identity. I am sure he will surely visit you someday. For sure! Maybe he will show up when the right time will come.", Dale said to Ainztain.

"Maybe the right time will come. But I think that right time was now or later. I don't know when but we need him.", Ainztain said.

"We have arrived to the era where the angels has rebelled to their creator. It didn't happened before!", The Dwarf king said it out loud.

"Well the worst will still come! We need to be strong. Let us be vigilant of the enemies and be courageous to face them. Where will our people hide if they passed through the rift! We have to prevent them to pass.", Fang said to them.

"Yeah and let us finished eating, the food will get cold if we left it.", Dravid said.

"Eat all you want! We have plenty!", King Ainztain said to him.

They all ate the food and the waiters and waitresses cleaned the table. The meeting will be starting to commence and the kings were relaxed before it will begin.


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