Lumia: Other World
95 Their arrival part 2
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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95 Their arrival part 2

"They have arrived!", king Ainztain shouted as he descend the stairs of the walls. He runs to the sandy soil to met with the other kings. He saw Elves that were clad with armors marching towards them. The Dwarves arrived together with their king. The Hobbit king was with his two escorts. He has his battle suit equipped while traveling towards Ma-Aken Gorge. The necromancer king arrived with his two loyal guards. He was only on his robes and a back pack. The Lycans arrived and they were on their werewolf form. The Druids were the same. They were on their werebear forms. The Vampires were in their human form as they travelled. The barbarians arrived late and they were also thoroughly equipped with their armors.

The king of Barbarians approached king Ainztain.

"King Ainztain! It's been years since we met. You daughter were getting bigger as the time goes by. How is she doing?", the king Darius Hulgard of barbarians said to him.

"She recently became thirteen and was growing up fast. I plan to make her attend the academy next year.", King Ainztain said.

"King Ainztain! It was good to see you!", the Dwarf king said as he hugged him.

He was smaller and thus hugged him like a child.

"I have drinks from our Dwarf kingdom! The best Ale that we have!", King Dravid Belgurt of Dwarves said to him.

"Sure! Let's have a toast later on!", King Ainztain said to him.

"Good job on making that walls! You surely prepared beforehand.", King Dravid said to him.

"My prophet foresaw it since last year. And he said that a rift will emerged in Ma-Aken Gorge.", King Ainztain said to them.

King of necromancers approached and removed his hood. He then smiled and talked to King Ainztain.

"I am busy with establishing my land these past decades. My wife was with my son in my kingdom. He was also thirteen and I plan to make him attend your academy to socialize with his peers. He was a talented necromancer that was a gift to us." King of necromancer Dread Skuld said him.

"That's good to hear! I will let him stay in the academy then.", King Ainztain said to him.

The king of Vampires and Druid, as well as the King of Lycan joined the conversation. They reverted to their human form and walked towards them.

"My friend! It was nice to see you! I have been slumbering for decades in my coffin and was itching for battle. My Lycan friend will be a good sparring partner for the meantime.", King Bladimir Vlad said to him.

"Don't forget our Druid friends. They will satisfy your thirst for battle.", King Edmund Rouse of Druids said to King Bladimir.

"We Lycans can take you on anytime. But let's rest for now. And eat together!", said King Fang Arthur.

"And Drink!", shouted the dwarf king.

They all laughed together with the Dwarf king. They patted each shoulders as they laughed.

"Hahaha! That would be great!", said King Ainztain.

"I am glad we were enjoying seeing each other.", said king Ainztain.

"Welcome to Ma-Aken Gorge my fellow kings! Let me escort you to your quarters as we talk.", he said and the kings followed him.

King Ainztain escorted to their rooms while being followed. He let them stay in their room and prepared a meal for them.

He then said to them beforehand, "Wait for my subordinate to call you. For now, enjoy your stay here. We will prepare for your meal and lets eat together in the meeting place. After it, we will discuss serious matters. I will then make my leave."

He left them and went to the meeting room. He checked their chairs and table. The room was clean and was thoroughly prepared. The scent of perfume was still lingering. It was time to check their meal and to have a fresh bath.

He immediately went to their kitchen and saw that the chefs were working on their meal.

"My king! We will prepare the best meal for the kings! We will finish in two hours.", the master chef said to him.

"That's good! Make sure that it will be worth remembering night as we eat.", king Ainztain said to them.

They were just preparing the ingredients and the king immediately left.

He went to the barracks and saw that the army was still training. The other army of other kings made a tent outside the walls. They lighted the torches as the night came.

The king then went to his room and washed himself. Removing his lingering scent as he washed in a perfumed tub. It was warm and was soothing to the muscles. The kings rested in their rooms and Ainztain called his maids. The maid was his head maid and she was in her maid uniform. She prepared the King's clothes and royal robes. Ainztain then talked to her.

"Call the kings and let them wash before the meeting. Prepare their baths and escort them in the meeting room. Prepare extra clothes if they have none.", he said to her.

"As you wish my king!", she said then bowed.

It was a tiring day and the army rested. The kings were called after they washed and they were escorted to the meeting place.

They sat at the chair and the table was covered with red thick table cloth and their plates were already placed. The spoons were already arranged with golden cups in place. The kings felt comfortable as they sat. They waited for king Ainztain for he was not yet seen. The dinner were served one by one by the waiters and waitresses. The kings saw different delicacies was served to them. King Ainztain went inside and he waved at them.

"At last he has arrived!", the Dwarf king said.

He sat in his chair which was located in the front and then he coughed.

"Ahem!", he coughed as he covered his mouth with his hand.

"First of all, I would like to thank each kings for coming. It was a great trial for us to face this test. I will say it again, thank you for coming. We kings will stand strong to defend this land. The greater evil will come and we're here to fight for our freedom.", King Ainztain said then lifted his cup of wine.

"For Victory! For Lumia! For the Creator!", he shouted.

"Cheers!", they all shouted.

"Let's eat and be merry tonight!", King Ainztain shouted.


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