Lumia: Other World
94 Their arrival
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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94 Their arrival

The king prepared his tent for the meeting place. He was waiting in his room for the arrival of the other kings. His butler was just outside when the king lets him in.

"John Elesis, the kings will arrive. Prepare the meeting place and their quarters to be their resting place. Also, the meal will be good enough to be passable for them. It was important that we will let them be comfortable in their stay here.", Ainztain said to him.

"My king, all was prepared and the meeting place was already set. We were on the waiting phase for them to arrive.", John said to him.

"That was good to hear. We really need helping hands as many as we can. I received their letters recently and they responded with yes. They will participate in the war to fight our common enemies. They will be enough to defeat other S class Fallens but the leaders will be another level. They were double S class. The Arch fallen was triple S class. That would be really burdensome to face with the strength of our kings who were only legends. Their job classes were legend class but it was not enough to defeat the Arch Fallen. Our only hope was the Mythical class heroes that were hoping to ascend to divinity. With them ascending to divinity, they will acquire longevity. We don't know where they were right now and I will assign a team to find them. I will leave it in your hands.", the king said to John.

"As you wish your majesty! We need extra hands to defeat them. I will then prepare the team and I will take my leave. You rest well my king and prepare to meet the other kings. I will excuse myself then.", He bowed then he left. Making the king solitary on his quarters.

The king then left his room and visited the barracks. He saw the army was training in using techniques. He went to the walls and saw the rift from the distance. The rift was large enough to fit a castle on its gate. The other side was seen as a desolate place with a purple mist in it.

"The purple mist was also the reason why the monsters were mutated and were stronger than Lumia's monsters. It also mutated the Angel rebels into Fallens. Making their angelic wings to be like leathery bat wings and changed them to the core. It was the untouchable enemy that was mutating different life forms and was the symbol of the greatest evil–the greatest enemy of the creator itself. He didn't created his greatest enemy and it was there since the beginning of time.", the prophet said to him in the past.

King Ainztain remembered what his prophet told him, "The Angels were perfect beings. Having the highest intellect and wisdom. They have their own will to choose to serve the creator or to oppose him. They served the Creator since they were created and they were dignified to their King and Lord. It was then one Arch Angel who was governing the world of Lumia and other physical world and beings, has dreamt of being the highest of all. He said that he will ascend the heavens and thus, iniquity was found in him. They revolted and challenged the Creator. It was then the Arch Angel Michael came and defeated him. He was thrown together with his allegiances and all angels under him to the other world."

It was what the prophecy of their prophet has revealed to King Ainztain. He knew what will come thus he already prepared for the worst. Making the decision to be the first one to defend Lumia. He was said that the rift was opened from the other world and the scouts of the enemy legion were already on Lumia.

He was looking from the walls and saw armies marching towards them. It was the forces of the other kings itself. They were clad in armors and was thoroughly equipped with their best weapons.

"They have come!", king Ainztain shouted then he laughed vigorously as he pats his soldier's armor beside him.

"They have come!", he shouted.


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