Lumia: Other World
92 The letters
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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92 The letters

The king opened the letters, each from the kings. He removed the lid from each container. He twisted it and it produced a popping sound as he pulled its lid. The letter was rolled and it was addressed to him and it came from the Elf king.


Dear Dwight King,

Your letter was received by me. It was alarming to hear your terrible news and don't worry. We elves have sworn to protect the world of Lumia with our lives. I am actively participating in your quest to protect Lumia. I am glad that this letter was not for war killing each other to rule others but of protecting the peace and the other lives of Lumians.

The elves will be and always be on the side of peace. We the High elves, together with the Wood elves and the Night elves will fight side by side the humans against the forces of evil. I as the king will be happy to fight for our brethren who will die for our cause. The forces were on the way as you read this letter.

We will march towards the Ma-Aken Gorge to fight and defend the rift at all costs. I was a king, am deeply moved by your act and will fight alongside you.

Sincerely yours,

Elven King Dale Riverdale


King Ainztain was happy with what he has read. His hands were cold as he returned the letter to the bird messenger to its container. He lets it fly again and the bird flew hastily. He grabbed another bird messenger and opened the lid. It was from the barbarian king. He grabbed the letter and he opened it. He reads the letter as he holds it.


Dear King of Dwight,

It was terrible news. Their world hosts many evil creatures and the Lumians were in danger. We barbarians will be happy to slay that enemy and we were itching to fight despite the fact that we were peace-loving creatures. It was good news for me to vent my boredom for many years. We will prepare immediately to take upon arms to fight those monsters and we will be fighting with you. Thank you for giving us a new enjoyment to have as we slaughter the enemies for the meantime.

We will fight to death together with our allies. I hope the other kings will participate with us. It was many years since we last fought in the second war. I am excited about what will be and what will become on this war but we will be surely fighting alongside you.

Your ally,

Barbarian King Darius Hulgard


King Ainztain was moved by his decisive move. He was happy that two kings will surely help him together with the war with the Fallens. He brings the letter back and lets it flew to the window. He grabbed another bird that was sitting by his window. He removed the lid then opened it. He grabbed the letter and reads it.


Dear King Ainztain,

Your letter was received. It was surprising news to me. Good job on revealing the enemy's plan by telling us kings. You've done great as a king. I will arrive to be the representative of the necromancers. I can't let my army participate due to the current attacks of the Fallens in my kingdom. They were tasked to defend my kingdom. So I will only bring my elite guards. I have fought some Fallens on the way and was making this letter after I've rested a bit. You need to warn other kings of the attacks on your kingdoms. Many Fallens were in the Lumia now and they were left unchecked and was attacking some villages. I was sadly making this letter as a warning. I left the task to defend my kingdom to my Witch queen. I will help you defend the rift for I know because I know that some enemies were still on the Other World. I am sure that their Arch Fallen was still on the other side of the rift. Only the weaker ones were still on the Lumia. And we must prepare for the worst to come.

I am coming and please be safe.

Your allied friend,

King Necromancer Dread Skuld


King Ainztain was perplexed by his news. He now knows that king Skuld was making also a hard decision to make. Leaving his wife to defend the kingdom. He also knows that the other villages were attacked with the Fallens and it was the reason he defended the rift. The king was also having a tough decision as he was defending the rift. It was also leaving the kingdom at stake. He assigned his generals to defend the kingdom but also he was defending the rift. As a king, he was protecting the lives of his people.

He grabbed another letter and reads it.


Dear King Leomurd Ainztain,

We Dwarves were ready for war anytime. As I've read the letter, I am deeply saddened by the fact that the enemies were so many. We Dwarves will prepare for the worst. You can count on us to back you up. Stronger enemies were still on the other side of the rift but some of their scouts were now on the Lumia. I am saddened by the fact that some were already killed by them. We must prevent them to pass through the rift and hunt their scouts.

We will fight to the ends of time. I am sure the elves were already there. Preparing for war. We will not lose on them and prove that Dwarves were stronger. We will come and mark my words as a king that we will fight to the ends.

Your Dwarven friend,

Dwarven King Dravid Belgurt


King Ainztain was astonished by his message. He can feel his emotions was swelling from the letter and he felt that the Dwarven king was on fire as he writes it. He returned his letter and lets the bird fly again. He grabbed another letter and reads it.


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