Lumia: Other World
91 The dream
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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91 The dream

The King rested in the night and Melvin Kael went to his quarters. He was in his tent and he looked around. The tent was colored red and it has a window with its own curtain. He watched the moon glowed in the night with its rays pierced his bed. He looked at his table that was made of wood with a chair beside it. It has a lamp with a cloth covered on its top to prevent a direct light to his eyes.

Melvin sat on his table and looked at the picture frame of his son and wife. He was also in the picture together with them. His son was five years old at that time when they took a picture with him and his wife. Mael posed while smiling and Erza was holding Mael on his back. Melvin was putting his shoulders on her back and his other hand on Mael. It was a picture he only has to relieve his sadness and the feeling of missing them was relieved. He then puts it back to the table and napped in his bed. He removed his armor and then slept in his bed. His mind became fuzzy and he drifted on his dreams.

He was in the middle of battlegrounds and the army was in disarray. Everyone was in slow motion as Melvin walked passing everyone.

"Charge!", shouted one of the soldiers.

The walls were crumbling down as a giant gargantuan orc charged the walls. It was carrying a big tree trunk to bash the walls. The army was all looking as the walls were crumbling down. The wall debris fell to the ground and it produced a banging sound. The Fallen was up in the sky and rained his spell to them.

[Void Bomb]

The Fallen cast his spell and it all crashed the army. They were sucked by the void and were crumpled by its intense gravity that was going inwards. Making only lumps of meat as the spell vanished.

They were in disarray and the Fallen laughed vigorously.

"Hahahahaha! Die! All of you! Hahaha", the fallen laughed.

Melvin was on the battlefield but all he could do was watch. He can't feel his feet moving and when he touched the sword in the ground. His hands will pass through it.

"Am I in a dream!?", he questioned himself.

"All I can do was watch.", he said in his mind.

He walks as the soldiers fight for their lives. It was the Dwight soldiers itself. The flags were a symbol of blue and a golden eagle engraved in it. Watching only in battle inside his dream was not normal in his experience. He was not even used to it. It caused his blood to boil.

He was looking and their formation was attacked by the orcs. The walls were busted and they emerged from it. Melvin watched from the sidelines and the army of orcs was as many as the sand of the sea. The Fallens emerged from the rift and they were as many as a legion. Making the sky darkened by their sheer numbers. They dived towards the army of Dwight and they attacked.


Melvin was gasping as he woke up. It was a dream but didn't felt a dream. He saw the sun was just beginning to rise and it was time to wake up the army. He washed his face and went to the barracks.

He grabbed the bell and clangs it to wake them up. They were asleep so soundly and was not yet awake.

Kiling! Kiling! Kiling!

"Rise and shine little ones!".

They were snappy and they immediately woke up.

"Good morning General!", they said in chorus.

"Today was a big day! We prepare for the arrival of other kings! Wash yourselves and assemble at the training ground! Move!", Melvin announced.

"Sir yes sir!", they shouted in chorus.

Immediately, they went to wash and Melvin went to the kitchen.

He opened the door and the chefs were already awake to prepare the ingredients of their breakfast. Some were slicing meat and other vegetables. Some were slicing spices like onions and garlic.

"Good morning General! We will make pork soup with cabbages.", said their master chef.

"Wow! That's great! We will gladly eat it!", Melvin said. He walks to the tent of the King's meeting place and saw that it was prepared. The perfume was refreshing to the smell and Melvin was glad that it was ready. He went to the training ground and assembled the army.

Melvin assembled them and he trained them with techniques. The king was watching and saw that they were having a good grasp of the Kael family's techniques. Melvin then gathered them as they prepared their breakfast. They grabbed their own wooden plates and lined up to receive their own ration.

The army ate and they were merry at that time. After that, they equipped their armors and gets ready for the coming of other races. They assembled themselves in the sandy training ground. The king made an announcement when they were assembled.

"Soldiers of Dwight! We will wait for the arrival of the other races. They will come to help us fight our enemies. And the world on the other side was the world of the angel rebels who will rule the world of Lumia. All the races will keep them on the bay and will do the best to prevent them from attacking our kingdoms. We will wait for them for the meantime and hopefully, they will arrive.", the kingdom ended his speech.

Melvin then switches to the king.

"For Lumia!", Melvin shouted as he draws his sword, holding it up high.

The soldiers shouted with him.

The soldiers then rested while on their armors. They waited for the other kings to arrive. Melvin went to his quarters to rest and the king waited for the other kings to come.

As the king was in his tent, he saw birds flew to his window. It has containers that has letters inside. He opened it and saw it was letters indeed from each kings.


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