Lumia: Other World
90 The meeting preparation
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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90 The meeting preparation

The king arrived at the borders. It was afternoon when they arrived. It was a two-day journey from the Capital to Ma-Aken Gorge. Encompassing the Dwight forest and they were on the borders. The horses were panting due to their travel. The king takes a peep on his carriage' window. Looking from the inside, he saw that they were approaching to the barracks. The walls were towering from the window. The army arrived at the Ma-Aken Gorge, the place of graves to the legends. It was once a grassy place when the first Lumian war has happened. But after the evil dragon cast his magic. The land became dry and the plants died. Making it sandy all over the land.

The carriage then halted. The king exited his carriage and trumpets where heard.

Tot! Torotot!

"The king has arrived!", shouted one of the trumpeters.

"Prepare the meeting place for the guests. The kings will arrive later on. If they will participate in the meeting, then they will come.", the king said to his butler.

"As you wish your majesty!", the butler said to the king.

The general appeared to report to the king. He was in his general armor when he approached its majesty. Wearing full plated armor and he carries his helm in his waist.

"General Melvin Kael! Status report!", the king said to him.

"General Melvin Kael! Reporting for duty!", he said as he kneeled.

"Report!", the king said.

"Your majesty, the army's training was successful. We have several masters already at our trainees. They were able to comprehend our Kael family's techniques. As for the others, they were advanced and below. The rift was getting bigger this time. We have to create another wall and they have to be bigger. The monsters that were coming out were still below G class. They were still manageable your highness!", Melvin Kael said while kneeling.

"That's good! Unload the supplies and prepare the meeting place of the kings. I will take my rest for now.", the king said then he taps his shoulders.

Melvin was still kneeling when the king passed him. He immediately stands up and executes the command of the king. The king went to his quarters to rest and he was resting from the tiring day.

Melvin Kael went to prepare the meeting place. He prepared a red tent to be the meeting place. Putting the floor mat to the sandy soil and tables to the center of the tent. The tent was large enough to accommodate the nine kings with their generals beside them. Pouring perfume to make it refreshing and it was done.

The kings will arrive after days and it was better to prepare for it. Melvin Kael then went to the kitchen. There he saw the chefs were busy with their cooking, some were slicing the ingredients, some were pounding the meat with a meat mallet and the others were tasting their cooked food.

Melvin Kael looked at them and then asked.

"What's our dinner?", he asked.

"It was pork soup, my General! Luckily, the king has replenished our supplies and thus we have meat to spare. It will be a feast general!", the cook said to him.

Melvin Kael then assembled the troops to eat dinner. The king was happy that night and they ate with his army. They were at the table and the army was sitting in the sand. The stars were up in the sky and the moon was up there. They made a bonfire that night. Watching and guarding the rift to make sure there were no monsters that will come out.

Melvin Kael sat together with the king. They were talking together. They were at the table and they were nearly finished eating as they talked.

"Your son was good at lording! Better than you actually! He became a Baron before I left!", he said to him.

"Wow! that's great!", Melvin said to him.

"There was a time when the Golden Valley was attacked by ghouls that came out from dungeon. And guess who saved the army and closed the dungeon? It was your son!", the king said.

"Really!? Wow! I didn't think that he was that brave!", Melvin said to him.

"And there was also a time when the Golden Valley was attacked with the syndicate lords and guess who was the famous commander of Golden Valley!? It was Kael! The new commander of the Golden Valley. I thought he was just a messenger but he was a commander after all!", the king said to him.

"Really? I want to meet him someday! If fate will permit it.", Melvin said.

"Let's all survive this. I hope the other kings will arrive. We're lucky that we've only faced weak monsters.", The king said.

"Yeah! We need the help of other Kings to rival the Fallens. They were S class above. The elemental dragons were peace-loving creatures and maybe they will help us. The other Kings were also candidates to rival the Fallens but I don't know to what extent. We all were in dire situations but we will survive this my king.", Melvin said to the king.

"Yeah! Let me cheer up the soldiers. They really need me to cheer them up.", the king said.

He walked to the center of the gathering and silenced everyone. He began his speech.

"All soldiers of Dwight! We will be holding our positions here in Ma-Aken Gorge. The other Kings were coming to help us defend the rift. Let us be strong and of good courage to surpass this test! For Lumia! For Victory! For the Creator!", the king shouted with all his might.


The soldiers shouted together with him.


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