Lumia: Other World
89 The king“s travels
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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89 The king“s travels

The king was inside his carriage. They encompassed the road towards the Maakengorge. A land of battle and war. The king was sitting in his carriage that was luxurious and has a comfortable couch that has foam inside. When you look from the inside, it has a beautiful red color and was designed with blue paint. The color was deep blue and has eagle design that was made from gold. Its corners were golden and the windows were painted with gold. The curtains were golden and it blocks the sunlight. The carriage has springs so the experience of the passenger on the way will not bumpy. The king was solitary inside without his wife and kids. With the escorts of the king, they travelled without enemies on the way. They encompassed the Dwight forest and the forest was cool. They were encompassing the forest with foggy ambiance. They have carriages that was carrying food and supplies for the army at the Maakengorge. They were guarded by the elites.

Wolves were howling in the forest and they can't even put a fight. They were slain immediately. With the forest so dark. The commander decided to encamp for the night. They halted in the way and the king went out from the forest. They set up a camp in the forest. Tents was installed and they were preparing their meal.

The king approached the commanders. He talked to them.

"Make a tent for our briefing place. I want to talk to the commanders.", he said to them.

Immediately, they made a tent for a briefing place. They have a pole that was thrusted to the ground and they put on the tent. Its edges were knotted with ropes that was knotted to the trees nearby. The king then entered the briefing place and called the commanders. Their general was at commanding the troops on the Maakengorge. The king then began the meeting, sitting on the front of his round table and the commanders were sitting beside him round about the table. The king then made his speech.

"We have been solitary for now on defending the rift, I am hopeful that the other kings will respond to my request. We have soldiers stationed at the Maakengorge but they won't last forever. I really need their help. I know that all of you were worried due to the fact of the Fallens were as many as a legion of Angels. They were as strong as them. These Divine beings were all S class above. They were powerfull enough to eradicate the other kingdoms. Asking help for the other races were not a sign of weakness but of wisdom. I hope you understand. They will arrive after us tomorrow and we were in dire situations. Commanders! We will fight and eliminate the enemies who will attempt to rule our world. It was in our hands from now on. Dismiss!", the king said to them.

After their meeting, they ate their self made dinner to themselves. The king lifted his cup and then shouted.

"For Victory! For Lumia! For the Creator!", he shouted and the soldiers all shouted together with him.

The night was merry and the king slept in his tent. They all slept with guards that was stationed to the night. The king's tent was guarded and they woke up in the morning. They continued their journey until they arrived the border of the Dwight. They were approaching the borders of the Maakengorge. This land was barren with sandy soil. The rift was seen from afar and the army made walls to defend from enemy attacks. It was a battle grounds of the Legends, a land where many legends were slain in the past.


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