Lumia: Other World
88 The meeting preparation
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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88 The meeting preparation

King Leomurd Ainztain was in his room and he woke up in the morning. His room was painted with red and its corners were gold. He faced the golden curtains that was blocking the sun's rays to enter his room. He went to sit in hwerereading table that has a lamp installed in it. His room has a large carpet and his bed has king's curtains in it. He was in his nightwear pajamas when he heard a knock in his door.

"Come in!", the king said while he was sitting. Facing the table as he grabbed a paper to write a letter.

The butler then entered his room. He was in his formal attire, wearing a tuxedo and slacks pants. He bowed as a way of revering the king himself. He was his butler named Astrid Ghale–a man of virtue and honor.

"My king! I have a terrible news! The rift from other world was getting bigger each day!Luckily, we have defended the rift to prevent the monsters to come out. The Fallens can go in and out of the World of Lumia because of the rift! We need to call again the other races' Kings to plan an alliance. This needs another alliance my king!", his butler said to King Leomurd.

"Thank you for the news. I will immediately make my preparations. Prepare my elites to escort me on the way.", King Leomurd said to him.

"As you wish your majesty! I will take my leave.", he said to him.

The king then resumed his writing a letter. It was addressed to the eight kings of the other kingdoms.

"Dear Kings of other kingdoms, we faced a great crises that was coming. The world of the Fallens has been opened and they successfully entered the world of Lumia. I suggest we plan to make preparations for them to be checked. They rebelled to the Creator and plans to rule the world of Lumia. I ask you to meet me at the Maakengorge where the defense of my army was located. Let's make a meeting there. I suggest we make a pact of alliance to suppress their forces. Signed, King Leomurd Ainztain.", he writes to the letter.

He successfully wrote the eight letters that was addressed to them. He sealed it with wax and pressed his ring that has the seal of Dwight kingdom. Making it sealed by the wax as it hardens. He gave it to his butler and he commanded them to deliver it through his messengers towards the other kings.

The king then prepared his full plated armor that has a golden eagle sign on his chest. He went to his carriage and his elites were his escorts. He prepared for their meeting in the Maakengorge. It was the place where he was solely defending the rift with his army without the current help of other races. He was going to travel to the Maakengorge, the place where they waged war to the evil black dragon king.

He was escorted with the best soldiers of the kingdom with job-class each. They were a hundred of them, the best of the best, the elites among the elites. The king felt secured together with them. He was in his carriage that has golden plated and silver plated sides and was luxurious when seen. He traveled together with them. Their destination was at the center of the continent of lumia. The place of battle and wars.


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