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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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Kael collapsed on the battlefield. Due to the loss of blood, he collapsed to the grass, and the army nearly panicked and he was immediately healed by the health potion. Sadly, the health potion didn't make him wake up. It was because he collapsed instantly. Kael was in his room and he was resting for the meantime. The room was lit by the sunlight and he was resting in his bed.

Kael twitched his eyelids and his hands moved a bit. He saw the sunlight and the ceiling that was painted with blue and its corners were painted with yellow. He opened and closed his eyes again and saw that his mother was sleeping beside him. He was looking at her and his mother felt that he was awake. He caressed her hair and his mother woke up.

"Son! You're awake! Were you hurt somewhere!? Tell me!", she worriedly asked him.

Kael summoned his strength to sit and to properly talk to her.

"I'm okay now mom!", Kael said and his memories were blurry. He waked up immediately and his head hurts.

"Slow down son, you don't have to force yourself.", his mom said worriedly.

"I'm okay now mom. So far I've remembered, dad was currently training the troops of Dwight. And the fallen said that their army will sweep all the kingdoms. Maybe they will rule the world!", Kael said to his mom.

"Slow down son, you need to rest first. Don't worry about your father. You need to take care of yourself first.", Erza said to him.

"Okay okay! But I'm okay now mom. I've regained my strength. I just need to take a nap a bit.", he said to her.

"We need to be prepared for the worst mom. I have to be prepared as the lord of the Golden Valley.", Kael replied to her.

"Okay son, I will prepare your meal. For now, just rest a bit. We will discuss grave matters later okay!", she said then kissed him on his forehead.

Kael smiled and rest a bit. He stretched his stiff body and cooled his mind. The world of Lumia was in grave danger and it was on the hands of the seven chosen ones. The angels were helping but their help was limited. The Lumians were on their own. Kael immediately realized that he has to find the chosen ones and defeat the unknown enemy boss. He was an Arch Fallen that was as strong as Arch Angels. A single angel can obliterate an entire city if they were commanded. It was a matter of fact that was not being seen in the past. Kael just read it on a certain book in the past of what the divine beings can do. One of their powers as Fallens were opening dungeons from the other world.

Kael was exercising all the routines he was doing when improving his stats using "stat cultivation". His strength, dexterity, vitality, and focus improved by one digit.


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Kael Melvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Status of living: Villager

Adventurer Rank: Rank E+

Job-class: combatant

Character level: 25

Character Statistics:

Strength (40) +

Dexterity (44) +

Vitality (45) +

Focus (95) +

Stats points: 75


He was doing his routine and his mother arrived with his meal. She knocks on the door and she entered his room.

Kael stopped his training and let her in.

"This was your breakfast! I have brought you rice and beef soup with tamarind! It would help replenish your lost energy!", she said as she puts it on his table.

Kael wiped his sweat and ate his breakfast. He felt the flavor of the tamarind on his mouth and it was sour with a mixture of flavorful beef soup. He ate rice and he was enjoying the tastiness of his food. It was one of his favorite foods. He ate and ate until he was full. Sipping the soup and eating rice in succession. He was delighted by it. The maid then grabbed his plates and he was back to work. Kael said to his mom that the fallen will attack in the world of Lumia. He felt alarmed when the fallen told him that they will attack with their army. He told that he needs to be prepared for the worst.

"You still have a bright future son. As a man of vast knowledge, it would be a waste not to learn a job class. You need to be stronger to be able to defend your people. But that was for the future. We will prepare for their attack and this fight was not on you all alone. We all Lumians were in this together.", she said while holding his hands.

"You're right mom! All of us were in this together!", Kael said to her.

Immediately, Kael was back to his work. Making an army and a fortress to be a safe haven for the future attack was Kael's plan. He needs to be able to create an army rivaling the other kingdoms to protect his people. With many more flocking to Golden Valley, he was able to recruit thousands of people in different sectors. It was a great day for Kael. Remembering the current Golden Valley was very different from its past. All his effort was not in vain and the town was happy that they were safe. All of the people were safe as they saw the training of their army. Kael was also busy enchanting armors and weapons. His efficiency to enchant armors and weapons was greatly enhanced due to his focus of 95 points. His casting time and the mana consumption were greatly reduced. The army was fully armed with full plated armors. He has successfully enchanted five hundred sets of full plated new armors. With the enchantments he has put, their performance was greatly enhanced. He rests for the night and he arrived at the mansion at midnight. He saw that the mansion was lonely as he walks towards his room. He washed with warm water and relieved his stress. It was a good day for Kael. He ate together with his mom and they were merry that night. Solving one problem at a time.


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