Lumia: Other World
86 Clash part 4
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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86 Clash part 4

Kael was faced with a great trial. He has to overcome the Fallen's test to defeat the orc champion. He whips his sword to drain the blood from his sword and drank a stamina potion. With the army at his back, he was burdened with their fates to be slaves or not. But of course, Kael will try his best to overcome his enemy. He wiped his sweat and focused to confront his enemy. The enemy was larger than the ordinary orcs. It was dyed with red and he has a large ax that he holds. With the enemy being larger than him. He needs to rely on his speed to evade his enemy. The enemy was topless and has his lower tusk going outside his mouth. Canine was yellowish and has many scars on his body. He was looking at Kael with his red eyes and he has tattoos on his body. Every time he defeats an enemy, he added his one tattoo to his body. He has a towering body that has six-pack abs and a muscular chest. Kael on the contrary was small but has his stats. Relying on it was stupid and Kael needs to be cunning.

Kael walks in the grassy plains and his enemy also walks towards him. Kael grabbed his sword with greater strength. The grasses sound as he steps at them. The enemy on the other side was walking towards him. The wind blew on his cheeks and he felt the cold air. It didn't hinder his focus but alleviates his tense feelings. The upcoming battle was all on his hands. Whether he will lose or win, his army will be on his side whatever it takes. He walks towards his enemy and his enemy was breathing heavily. Making sound as he inhales and exhales.

They faced together with his enemy. The Fallen was looking at them from above. He was focused and he heightened his senses. The enemy was stronger and has battle experience but Kael was a ninja in the past and a professional killer. With his training with different weapons, he was one of the greatest assassins alive in Lumia. With what he was facing, he didn't need to pity his enemy. He will have to be merciless to win against his enemy. The burden on his back was heavy thus he needs to be the winner. The enemy didn't know his past and was looking at a kid. He didn't know that he was a professional killer in the past.

Kael looked at his enemy and he made his stance. The enemy was looking at him. Looking down at him due to his height. Kael thought that his enemy was underestimating him and that was what he needed. He will surprise him with his attack later on.

The fallen flew in-between them and he didn't show his face. He was flapping his wings and folding his hands.

"The rule was simple, kill the opponent and you will be victorious. It's kill or be killed! Now start!", He said to them.

Kael and his enemy dashed towards each other. Kael slashed but his slash only made a small cut. He needs to use greater strength to make a proper wound on the enemy. The enemy slashed his large axe in a horizontal direction. Making a large arc that was evaded by Kael when he ducked. The enemy was fast but Kael was faster.

The soldiers of Kael was looking at their fight. They were on edge due to the fact that their commander was staking his life to win. They felt moved by the great courage that he exhibits to them. They looked and has felt that their hairs go up when Kael was evading in hair's breadth. It made them on edge every time Kael was evading.

The battle was still raging. Kael initiated his attacks to be faster and stronger. His sword was not still dulled but his attacks were shallow. It was not deep enough to cause bleeding on the enemy's wounds. Kael slashed and thrusts in random order to confuse the enemy. He saw that the enemy will make a vertical slash as he lifted his axe. Kael dashed sideways to evade the enemy and he slashed him on the chest. He also succeeded in wounding the enemy on the chest thus it bleeds.

But in a blink of an eye, the enemy made a horizontal slash with his axe. Kael blocked it with his sword and was pushed with the force of his slash. It made his way through and he was slashed on the chest. Kael was thrown to the grasses. He rolled three times and then when he looked where was the enemy, he saw that the enemy was preparing to attack him. Immediately, Kael rolled to the other side then backflipped. The enemy's axe landed on the grass. Kael landed and he was assaulted again with the axe thus he was thrown again by the force.

He was losing the winning advantage. He was defending the enemy's attacks with his sword. Kael immediately dashed backward to gain distance but the enemy was so fast and strong. He was not even letting him breathe. Kael was losing stamina due to the great force to block his enemy. The enemy also was losing stamina in a terrifying degree. Using all his force to attack was giving him the advantage. Kael felt that he needs to be faster to inflict damage on the enemy. He dashed in zigzag to close the distance and assaulted his left and right. He was using all his strength to pull it off. He dashed and appeared to the left, making a slash in him at his shoulders. The enemy then slashed him but he evades and appeared on his back again. Kael then slashed him on his back.

It was taught to him by his father on their dagger lessons. To disappear and appear to their blind spots. It needs speed and strength to pull it off. Kael was making small wounds to him until he was caught with his axe. He was on his back and his enemy turned and slashed him. Making him barely blocking the axe. Luckily, Kael parried it and diverted the force sideways. He blocked and then he was blown to the force. Kael then rotated and landed on the ground. He then dashed again in zigzag and prepared to assault again. The orc was panting and Kael has gained the upper hand. He attacked again but his attacks were lighter than before. Kael then grabbed the chance to inflict more damage on him.

He dashed in zigzag again so fast that his enemy's eyes can't keep up to see. He tightened the grip of his sword and his silhouette can't be seen. He slashed with all his might and immediately, the enemy was decapitated. His enemy's eyes were in shock and his enemy's expression was surprised in the process. His head rolled to the ground and Kael whips his sword to drain the blood.

The Fallen was surprised that he killed the orc champion. He didn't expect the orc champion that was the peak existence of orcs were slain by a kid. The enemy marveled at his strength and he was in thought. With Kael's victory, the fallen can't prevent his feelings.

"You won? How did that happen? My minion can be toe to toe with an A-class adventurers! Nevermind, as a man of my words. I will let you off for now. But the army of the Fallens will sweep these lands and attack every kingdom! You will be on your own! Hahahahahah! See you later!", the fallen then disappeared after he said it.

The army let out their cheers and they hailed his name. Kael on the contrary felt that his chest was bleeding. He touched his armor and it was bloody all over. He didn't take a health potion when he was battling thus it resulted in him losing blood. His eyes dimmed and the world felt it was rotating. He collapsed afterward.


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