Lumia: Other World
84 Clash part 2
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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84 Clash part 2

The wind blew harder and they didn't mind it for they were clashing with the enemy. The orcs were parading and their numbers were no joke. They have a thousand warriors strong that were against Kael's army who were two thousand. Despite their numbers, it was not a sure win victory due to the fact that they were against were the high orcs. A stronger tribe of orcs and they have champions. Kael was at the top of the tower and was looking in his telescope. The Fallen was there in the sky where the orcs were located.

The army of Kael was stationed and all the melee soldiers were at the bottom. Ready to die for their land where they were living. They were thinking of their loved ones as they battled. Always remembering that their family was waiting for them in their homes. Kael was one of them. The fact was he didn't have much power to rival the Fallen on his current status were making him on edge. His system will help him to overcome his trials. But He was not yet level 1000 to unlock the divinity class. He didn't copy yet any job class in the meantime due to the preparation for the attack of the fallen in the Golden Valley.

Kael inhaled deeply. He calmed himself to ease the heavy burden in his back. It was not easy to carry everyone's burden and to ensure their safety.

The enemies were approaching. Kael gritted his teeth and prepared for the worst. The enemies were coming and it will be a great feat to overcome it.

Kael saw that the enemies dashed towards his soldiers. He saw that they were nearing them. Kael commanded the archers to fire their arrows. Together with the crossbowmen, they fired towards the enemy. The enemies were rained with incoming arrows and bolts. Some were pierced with bolt and arrows but they were only pulling the arrows and dashed again. They were a resilient race of monsters that were considered A class monsters. Kael knew this fact that's why he was tense. It would be a gamble to attack them. How much more with their great numbers.

The enemies clashed with them and their formation was broken. The enemies were stronger than they imagined. They easily broke through the defense of the spearmen. The two-handers confronted them and were sparring toe to toe with them. The swordsmen clashed with them and it was a brawl that happened. The swordsmen were trained to fight on sparring while the spearmen were trained on frontal defense. A pure offense-defense strategy. The chains men were on binding enemies and the daggers were the daylight assassins. They were the assassins in broad daylight. The shielders were shield-charging the orcs. They were attacked with the enemies' weapons but sadly, they were unscathed and was retaliating to shield bash them. Making them stunned a bit to the process. They attacked and the chains men whipping them with their chains. Switching to whip mode and punching mode when they like it. The orcs were attacking them and the archers and crossbowmen were firing non stop. They were brawling with each other and it was utter chaos when seen from the top. Kael immediately jumped to from the top of the tower. He draws his sword to help them killing the enemies.

"The commander has arrived!", shouted his soldiers.

They felt greater morale due to their commander's bravery. It summoned their bravery from the deepest parts of their hearts and was on fire to fight the enemy.


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