Lumia: Other World
83 Clash
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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83 Clash

The battleground was the grassy plains of the south border of the Golden Valley. Kael stationed his army outside the walls. He thought that it will be good to switch to offense first in the meantime. The spearmen were just outside the walls together with the swordsmen. The archers and crossbowmen were on the walls. The wind blew and the breeze of the air was cool. It made the grasses sound as the air touched their leaves. The army was positioned and all was set.

The enemies marched towards them. The manticores flew in the sky and dived towards them and the archers fired their arrows together with the bolts of the crossbowmen.

Their arrows and bolts hit the flying enemies but they still continued diving. They also evaded as the dying enemies dive towards them.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Few manticores were dead as they fell from the sky but some crashed to the other soldiers. Making them being crushed by their bodies. The enemies were approaching and the spearmen at the bottom were preparing for the clash they await. While the soldiers were at the bottom, the archers were brawling with the manticores at the top of the wall. They switch to their swords and slashed the manticores while on the walls.

The ghouls were fast approaching together with the wolves. As they saw them, it was not ordinary wolves and ghouls but were mutated ones. Kael observed from afar and saw their enemies were magically enhanced with the power of the fallen. In the sky, the fallen were grinning his mouth.

"Hahahahaha! Taste your death with my army! Buwahahaha!", he said while laughing.

The wolves were larger than ordinary, far from their original size. It was six feet tall when they were standing. The ghouls were also bigger than ordinary ones compared to the ones in the dungeon whom Kael has explored and met. They dashed towards them and they crashed their bodies at the spearmen. The spearmen thrust their spears towards them but some were agile enough to evade their strikes. Their formation was crushed as several other six feet wolves pierced their way through in their formation.

"Encircle them and make another front line defense!", Kael instructed.

Immediately, they heard his command. They encircled the ones who pierced their formation and thrusts their spears. Making wolves shrieked from the pain. They didn't felt pity to kill them nor they like to kill. It was only normal to kill monsters. It's kill or be killed in this world and it was an absolute to obey their commander's command.

They thrust the wolves and they immediately killed them. The ghouls arrived in their formation and the spearmen also lifted their shields. They held their shields with greater force and they were preparing for worse. The ghouls jumped towards them.

"Thrust them!", Kael shouted.

Immediately, they thrust their spears towards the ghouls.


The spears pierced through their thick hides and they rapidly thrust the enemy. Making them skewered by their spears. They were slaughtered and their regeneration can't keep up the damaged they get.

They were obliterated and the orcs were coming towards them.

The archers were brawling with the manticores. They were slashing the enemy. The enemy has a body of a lion, a tail of a scorpion, and the wings of an eagle. It was called the manticore. The enemy was resilient and they have large bodies. Some were smashed by its paws and they were thrown from the wall. They encircled them and they thrust them with their swords. Making attacks while retreating from their enemy. They altogether attacked but they flew towards the sky. They want to fly but it was already too late because the chains men shackled them with their chains and pulled them towards the ground. They thrashed all over to let them go but the daggers men also jumped to their backs; slicing their wings off. They were butchered by the two-handers on the process.

After they eliminated the manticores, the melee soldiers on the walls attacked together with the spearmen and swordsmen. It was the orcs that they will attack.

The orcs launched their attack and they brandished their weapons. The orcs rammed their weapons to the shields of the spearmen. The orcs were naturally stronger than humans, the barbarians were their rivals when it comes to strength. But due to their armors that was enchanted, they can rival them and be toe to toe with them.

It was a brawl that happened. The spearmen bashed them with their shields and they were stunned a bit. Immediately, they thrusts their spears. The swordsmen also clashed with them and was using techniques to fend them off. They were thousand in numbers but Kael's troops were also thousands.

The fallen felt irritated but he calmed himself. Due to the fact that he was strong that he will obliterate them with his own power.

Kael was watching and saw that the enemy was strong enough to beat them. It was by the mercy of the enemy that they were still living.


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