Lumia: Other World
82 Preparation part 4
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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82 Preparation part 4

The fallen said that he will attack golden Valley with his monsters. With ample preparation, Kael can surpass the siege of the enemy. He will have to prepare for the worst when the enemies will arrive. His army were enchanted with great enchantments and they have a great training regimen that was formulated by Maledic and Kael combined. It helped them to survive the catastrophic event caused by the dragon.

The golden Valley was on the process of repairing the damages caused by the winged creature. Due to them luring it to the west side of town, the damage caused was minimal. Kael built new large crossbows at the towers and catapults. Assigning more troops to the walls was a great idea he felt. The crops were beginning to bear fruits and the season was on spring. The people were content of his ruling and they were happy. His preserved products was being delivered all throughout the continent. Making name on the world of Lumia while selling his products. The people were healthier due to the well-being they were possessing.

The army were now two thousand strong. They have five hundred adept, five hundred on elite, five hundred on veteran, and five hundred on novice. All comprising of new and old soldiers. Kael was happy to enchant their armors and new recruit apply for the army. It was a busy week for Kael.

He was training them when the alarm of distress signal was rung from the towers.

"Arm yourselves! Put on your shield and armors!", Kael shouted.

Meanwhile, on the tower located at the south. There were monsters moving in their direction. All were numbered a few thousands. Kael immediately equipped his sword and the army marched towards the south border. They marched and the archers at the walls were igniting their arrows then fires them to the monsters. Kael went upstairs of the tower and looked at his telescope. Three thousand enemies were seen. The monsters were mix of wolves, ghouls, flying manticores and orcs. They were marching towards them and some were flying. Kael redied the troops at the top of the walls and he commanded the archers to fire their arrows.

"Fire!", he signalled them to attack.

The army then opened the gate towards the south and they made their formation. It was a grassy plains that they will battle on.


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