Lumia: Other World
81 Fallen
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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81 Fallen

A Fallen appeared and their talk was halted. Kael was given a system and a clue to get back to earth. He also knew that there were seven of them. In the sky, the Fallen was deeply agitated due to the death of his beloved pet dragon. He commanded him to attack a nearby town and sadly, he didn't come back anymore. It was due to the fact that he was killed by their mortal enemy called angels.

"What have you done to my precious pet!? I will kill who killed him.", the fallen said while being infuriated. His blood boils and his emotions were about to burst.

"It was me who killed him! Don't put your anger to the humans for they were innocent. I am angel Michael, a messenger of the creator himself.", the angel said to him.

"Curse you!", he blurted out and gathers his energy.

"I will eradicate you as well as this town until no one will be left.", the fallen said.

The angel then flew and his wings flapped with strength behind it. Air gushed out and Kael was blown by its wind. They immediately battled together in the sky.

[Light javelin]!

The angel gathered his powerful lance and the fallen also gathered his energy.

[Black energy orb]

They cast their skills and throws them with each other.


Loud sounds emitted from each other. Kael was looking at them from the ground and was in awe. They battled with great prowess in the sky. Kael was looking at them and has an idea that has burst out of his mind.

"System! Imitate the angel's job class", he said to the system.

Immediately, the system responded.

[Divinity class copied]

[Due to lack of character level, the Divinity class was temporarily locked]

[Character needs to be level 1000 above to unlock Divinity class]

"Thanks system! What was the other Systems called?", Kael asked.

[This was the list of systems ranked from top to bottom]

[1. Inheritance (passed down) - given all divine power for the inheritor when in deathbed/not in deathbed of a divine individual]

[2. Growth (double xp) - xp increase only on character level.]

[3. Power (boost) - transformations or boost beyond the limit.]

[4. Depriver (skill taker) - steals or seals skills below his level]

[5. Observer (imitator) - imitating skills on the recent person that is touched or observed.]

[6. Talent (passive mastery) - can gain inborn abilities at the moment of receiving the system. His system is only focused on passive]

[7. versatile (all-around) - slow but balanced growth of job class level but can only equip one at a time. Assists on learning any job class level and skills]

[That's all of the systems, as you can see. You were handed with imitator system due to your talent to copy others]

"Woah that was awesome!", Kael exclaimed.

The battle was still raging and the angel made thousands of [Light javelin]. He created them and commanded the javelins to attack the fallen. The fallen, on the contrary, was making a big black energy ball on the sky.

They attacked each other and Kael saw that the fight was getting fiercer. They clashed their skills and the sky blasted and burned as their skills clashed with each other.

The angel didn't stop making another thousand [Light javelin] and blasted the fallen.


The fallen roared in the sky and he fell from the sky.

"Damn you!", he shouted to the angel.

"I will come back with my army! Remember that!", he said to him and Kael.

The fallen retreated and said that he will come back with his army. Kael will prepare for the worst. The angel also went down and he landed on the ground.

"I will go back to the Heavenly realm and report to the creator of a mission accomplish. Sadly, you were on your own from this day onwards. It was not recommended to mingle with humans and save them always. You must stand on yourselves but only in dire situations only when we will help. We will meet again young one and the system holder. Gather the system holders and fight the darkness. You will find then the end of the tunnel.", the angel said then he went to the skies. The skies opened up and bright light emitted from the inside.

"Thanks!", Kael said to him.

The rift vanished and Kael has to prepare for the worst. The enemy will come and he was on his own.


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