Lumia: Other World
80 The battle
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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80 The battle

The silhouette of the person up above was being looked upon by them as light radiated from him. The dragon bellowed as he sees him being higher than him. The dragon breathes his fire towards him and he was unscathed by his breath. The angel immediately gathers his divine mana and made a big lance that was larger than him. A twenty-meters-long lance of light was produced.

[Light javelin]!

The angel shouted as he throws the javelin of light towards the dragon. Kael was amazed by the greatness of the divine being he has seen. In the past, he remembered that divine beings like angels and fallen were the peak existence of the world of Lumia. They rival the greatest monsters called dragons. Sadly, the dragon was still young and was far from the prowess of his enemy–the angel itself.

The light pierced through the thick hide of the dragon.


The dragon bellowed and it crashed on the battlefield. The army cheered for their victory and they liberated the dragon successfully.

The angel descended from the sky and they saw his radiating white light. He has a gold plated armor that was shining its radiance. They made way for him as he walks towards Kael himself.

"Can I talk to you in secret?", the divine being said to Kael.

"Were you talking to me?", Kael was surprised that he was the intent of his coming.

"Yes! I have a message for you and I need to have a chat with you in secret.", he said to him.

"Yes! Yes! Of course, it has to be secret! Let's go to the basement!", Kael said to him.

"Okay!", he said then the angel clapped.

In just a twinkling of an eye, he appeared immediately in their basement.

"What!? Where were we?", Kael was perplexed. Thinking of this, Kael immediately looking left and right.

"We're in your basement! Now let me be on point. I will give you a system called the imitator system. Seven of you will be handed with a system. All of you were tasked to fight the Arch Fallen that was gathering his army. One of them was the evil dragons and monsters. The rift was opened from the 'other world' and your world was in danger. It was their world that has opened to the world of Lumia. Even with the help of angels your world was still in danger. You can get back to earth if you've accomplished the task and as a reward of defeating the enemy. You can have a wish.", the angel said to him.

"Wow! that's was shocking! Now I know why I was reincarnated here.", he said to the angel.

"Let me give you the system this instant!", the angel said to him.

Immediately, a great white light emerged from his hands and he gave it to Kael. It subsided in his hands and in an instant. He saw letters in his eyes.

[System activating!]

[Integrating to the host]

[Integrating complete!]

[You can imitate every job class you like. As the holder of this system, you can also imitate their skills.]

"Wow! I can imitate others?", he exclaimed.

"That was the gift for you from the creator. He was happy to lend it to you but you have to defeat the arch fallen. Find the others and help one another.", the angel said to him.

After they talked, Kael and the angel emerged from the basement.

"We have an incoming enemy.", the angel said to him.

Immediately they went outside. Kael dashed and the angel was immediately on the outside.

"A Fallen.", the angel said to Kael.

"Were you the ones who killed my precious pet!? I will kill you all!", the fallen blurted out.


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