Lumia: Other World
79 Dragon attack
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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79 Dragon attack

Kael was perplexed as he heard its roar. The tower of Golden Mountain located in the west was attacked. They can see from the training ground the flying beast that breaths fire. It has black scales like a black dragon.

"An evil black dragon!", shouted one of his men.

Kael saw it and it was his first time seeing a dragon in real life. It was a majestic creature where he reads in his books. Kael immediately announced to the army to arm themselves.

"Men! put on your armors and weapons! We will attack that beast!", he shouted.

Immediately, they equipped their own armors and weapons that Kael himself has enchanted. It has [Resist elements] on it thus Kael was confident that the fire damage will be lessened. Kael assembled the army and made a strategy. Luring the dragon will be a tricky one. It has intelligence that of an ancient beast. Having its own ego and pride as a superior beast compared to humans.

The dragon went towards the town. Breathing fire as he dived down. It landed on one of the buildings and roared.

Kael instructed the daggers to attack the dragon while it was on a building. They immediately hopped building to building. Having enchanted with [Increased strength] has made them superior. They jumped one of the buildings and was nearing to clash with the dragon.

Kael was instructing them while jumping.

"Lure him and go to the west side. Making his rampage in the town will be costly to repair. Go!", Kael said to them.

They jumped as they attacked the dragon. They pierced his thick hide and ripping open a wound on its skin. The dragon bellowed and thrashed all over to shake them off. The daggers men were hundreds in number and they inflicted damage to the black dragon. It was still young and its scales were hard but their daggers were enchanted with [Corrosion damage] and [Piercing damage].

They immediately escaped and went to the west side of the town. The aggro of the dragon was directed towards them. Luring it was a success and it was following them. It breathes fire at them and they were emerging from its fire breath unscathed. The dragon was annoyed due to his attacks were ineffective. They parkour in the buildings as they were attacked with the scorching breath of the dragon.

They successfully arrived at the west side of the town and the army was waiting there.

Maledic was commanding them and was ready for an attack.

"Archers and crossbows! Fire!", Maledic commanded.

"Spearmen! Throw the javelins to the dragon!", He said to the spearmen.

They attacked with everything they got. The arrows and bolt were aimed at him and they rained the sky. Even the javelins flew towards him. The arrows pierced his skin and were coated with poison. The javelins dealt great damage to him due to the numerous numbers of it that pierced its skin. The dragon roared and breathed fire at them. They were all bathed in his fire breath and was unscathed. They can only feel that their armors were heating but it cooled immediately. Their barrage of attacks didn't stop and the dragon retreated to the sky.

After he retreated, a bright light appeared in the sky. It was a figure of a shining armored individual with wings of an eagle.


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