Lumia: Other World
78 Attack
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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78 Attack

The sun rose in the mountain top of Golden Valley. It pierced the land with its rays that brightly lit the town. The roosters sounded their sound at the top of the houses and the people were all waking up. The blacksmiths waked up early to make weapons and armors. The bakers baked and the merchants installed their stalls. In the past month, the migrators have successfully lived in comfort in their newly built houses. It was made of wood and was built just for them. Kael waked up early and he was excited to train the new recruits of the army. With Vanz on his side, he can focus on training the army as their commander. Vanz was the one who manages the realm. With Kael's new position as a baron, he has larger people that he rules. It was a blessing in disguise for him. Kael exited his room and he was surprised that Maledic was just outside.

"Good morning Maledic! Assemble the army and we will train them again this morning. Let the elites assist me in training them.", Kael said to him while on his adventurer attire.

"As you wish Baron Mael!", Maledic immediately left.

It was a morning routine for Maledic to wait in the doorway his Lord every morning. He was waiting for his master's instructions before leaving.

Kael went to their training grounds while walking. Seeing people greeted him by the way was very refreshing to him. He arrived without problems for he was the feared commander itself.

He arrived at the training grounds and the army assembled themselves. With the migration of the migrators, his army was now numbered two thousand strong. He trained them in the past month until the present. With the help of the elites, his training regime was passed on to them. Kael trained them to his heart's content. They have improved drastically and they were different from their past's selves.

Meanwhile, the walls were successfully built in a month with the help of great numbers of laborers. With the mining of gold has been tripled in its production speed, they can pay the people and still has more to save.

They successfully made three ships in just a month. With the new recruits, they made a good naval army.

Iron production was a success. Thus the blacksmiths have iron to make steel. Making weapons and armors was tripled and it was enchanted by Kael himself. Training the army in the day and enchanting in the night.

The army was fully armed with weapons and armors. It was a great sight to behold when you see the vast army with a full set of armors lined up in their formations.

The walls were built with many large crossbows in the towers. As a contingency to large opponents. Archers were patrolling by the walls and catapults were under construction.

They were training under the sun when a loud roar reverberated the Golden Valley. The army halted their training when they heard it.

"Did you heard that!?", shouted one of his men.

In the walls located at the Golden Mountains was the guards saw a flying beast that was coming towards them. They used their telescope to see what was it. It was a figure of a snake on its head, a bat wings, and a foot of a lizard. It has scaly skin with leathery wings.

"A dragon!", shouted the guard.

"Hurry! The alarm!", their leader said.

They battered the bell to alarm the people. It sounded and it was heard by everyone.

By the distance, the dragon was approaching.

"Hurry! load the large crossbow!", shouted their leader.

They aimed at the dragon and fired it.


The Large bolt was fired and it hits the dragon on its chest. Its scales were pierced but the flesh was undamaged.

"Reload!", their captain shouted.

They immediately lifted the large bolt but the dragon breathes fire at them.


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