Lumia: Other World
77 Arrival
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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77 Arrival

The people of the other lords have migrated to Golden Valley. Luckily, the extension was nearing to finish the construction. They flocked to the Golden Valley and they were provided a place to stay.

Mael was watching them go to their residences. The land was vast and still has ample forest left. Mael changed his appearance again to Kael.

He hires new people as the commander of the army. He lets them choose whether they want to work in agriculture, construction, blacksmithing, food preservation, researching, mining, in the army, and metalworking.

The people have a job immediately and the young ones were being schooled. Kael was busy with the recruitment and he was feared as the mighty commander who leads the Kael household army.

They slew thousands with just their hundred numbers. It was sometimes exaggerated by the bards in the taverns that he was a great warlord. The people felt safe as they heard about the news of him winning the war.

It only added to their desire to flock to the Golden Valley. It was rumored that no one was getting hungry in that place. It was like a haven in the looks of the visitors. All were given a job and no one dies in hunger. Rumors were all around the kingdom and the people of other lords were starting to think of migrating.

It was sung in different places by the bards in the taverns. Even though Kael was not telling them to spread the rumor, it was being told by the people themselves. They didn't hesitate to tell it to others.

The constructions were sped up by the newly appointed workers. The farmers who migrated has been helping the original farmers.

Their manpower was multiplied by seven-folds. With the manpower they have, Kael immediately began the great walls that will surround the Golden Valley. With towers that were installed in the walls.

The ports were also beginning to construct. They made a naval ship with their great numbers. The mining of iron also tripled its speed with night shift and day shift. The blacksmithing has been doubled as new blacksmiths migrated. Kael was the one that enchants everything they have made. It was a busy month for the Golden Valley and they felt safe for now.


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