Lumia: Other World
76 Guest part 3
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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76 Guest part 3

Mael has regained his face and as well his name. Mael excitedly went to the party with sir Vanz. He walks towards the Meeting hall. He opened the door and everyone looked at his direction.

"The hero of Golden Valley! Lord Mael Kael!", announced Sir Vanz.

He was wearing the same suite as Kael but more handsome and cute. The king immediately approached him and he grabbed a wine in a glass.

The king lifted his glass of wine then made his speech.

"To the brave hero of Golden Valley! Son of Melvin Kael and Erza Kael! To the victory of war! And for the kingdom's prosperity! Cheers!"

The guests grabbed their glasses and made a cheers. Kael also was handed a glass of wine by sir Vanz.

"Cheers!", Kael shouted.

"Cheers!", they all chorused

Mael immediately walked towards the king and greeted him.

"I am pleased to meet you my king!", Mael bowed down and on his knees.

"At ease!", the king replied.

"I congratulate you on winning the war against the seven lords. Their families will be degraded as commoners and their noble status will be lifted. You will be a baron now as my gift to you.", the king said to him.

"Thank you your majesty! Can I ask a favor to know what was the mission of my father was on?", Kael requested to the king.

For him, it was the greatest question in his mind. Making his father go was really hard when it comes to his mother Erza. If he can know it, then his doubts will be cleared.

"Let's talk to somewhere private. It was confidential.", the king said.

Mael guided the king towards their secret meeting room together with the commanders.

The room was sound-proof and Mael sits to the couch together with Vanz and other commanders.

"It was a secret mission. Your father was needed to train the army. For now, he was healthy and was training the army. I can't tell you everything for now but have faith in me. The army was preparing for a war and we will win. That's the information for now and I can't tell it to you above that. This information would bring panic if it will spread. Knowing this won't help your current situation. ", the king said to him.

"That's fine my king! Knowing that my father was alive eased my feelings. I won't ask further than that.", Mael said to him.

"Well we've won against the other lords and for now I will prepare for a journey. Don't worry! I will tell your father that you were a great lord and you've become a baron now!", the king said.

"Thank you! Your majesty!", Mael said to the king.

"The seven lords' people will migrate to your land due to your low taxes. Better prepare for that. I will make a letter for them to go to the Golden Valley.", the king said to him.

"I will prepare your majesty!", Kael said to him.

"That's all for now! I will still prepare for war now. I'm sorry if our talk was cut short. I will go now. Men! Let's go!", the king said to the commanders.

They left the room and the king mounts his noble steed. Mael was watching them as well as Vanz.

"We will meet again!", the king shouted.

The army of Dwight immediately marched as they left.

Mael waved goodbye to the king. It was a nice experience for him that he met the king.

"He was a nice person!", Vanz said to Mael.

"Yeah!", Mael replied.


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