Lumia: Other World
75 Guest part 2
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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75 Guest part 2

Kael escorted the army of the king and Kael was riding on the horse together with the king himself. Talking to him while they were coming home for the celebration. Maledic was hastily preparing the hall to make the ceremony. In the meantime, Kael was talking to the king while riding the provided horse to him.

"So you were the commander of the Kael household! How did you survive their onslaught with your numbers?", asked the king in curiosity.

"That my king was due to the training they faced. The training of Kael household itself! I didn't know it was that effective to the combatants' prowess. Making them slaughter enemies while unscathed. Taking pride of Lord Melvin's own training on me.", Kael said to the king.

"So that explains it! But I didn't know that it was that effective! Can I get you to train my army as one of the commanders?", the king politely asked.

"I'm so sorry my king! My lord's security was my priority before my promotion! I'm really honored for your offer but my loyalty to Kael household were serving them in a lifetime.", Kael said to the king.

"That was saddening!", the king said.

His escorts were the commanders of Dwight's forces. They escorted the king to ensure his safety. They were armed with the greatest weapons and armors the kingdom has. That included the armor of the king.

They arrived at the Kael estate and the head butler and the head maid were at the gate. They greeted the king with congratulations.

"We congratulate the king for the victory of war! As the head butler of the Kael estate, we prepared the halls for the party. This way please!", said Maledic to the king.

"Commanders follow me! The army will guard the vicinity.", the king said to the commanders.

"Don't worry! All the armies will be fed. They can guard while they eat outside!", Kael said to the king.

"That would be great!", the king said to him.

Luckily, Kael commanded Maledic to prepare food beforehand. It was just a coincidence that the king arrived.

They walked inside the mansion and the maids all lined up. The head maid escorted them to the Meeting Hall.


"The King has arrived!", exclaimed to the trumpeter.

They immediately began the party.

Kael requested the presence of sir Vanz to talk to the king. Immediately, sir Vanz arrived.

Kael then talked to the king with a greeting. The king was happy that his mission was executed perfectly.

"So you want to go back as my right hand?", the king asked Vanz.

"I'm sorry for my rudeness but my king! I'm indebted to serve Mael's mansion with my life. It was basically thanks to him that I and my daughter Anna was still breathing.", Vanz said to him.

"Oh, that's sad! But where was Lord Mael! I want to see him!", the king talked.

Kael was surprised and he immediately excused himself and Vanz.

They walked to his room and hastily said to Vanz to change his face.

"Vanz! Hurry! Change my face!", Kael said in panic.

"Yes! Alright! Alright! Just stand straight!", Vanz said while hurrying to cast his spell.

[Face change]!

He changed his face and Kael's face glowed. Getting his face back was very rewarding for him. The cute and handsome Lord Mael.


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