Lumia: Other World
74 Gues
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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74 Gues

"The king has arrived!", shouted his soldiers.


A loud horn enveloped the Golden Valley. Even the townspeople heard it even they were hiding in their homes. From the birds of the sky to the animals of the land. All heard it.

Kael was looking up high on the mountain top and the King's troops arrived. They were also numbered thousands.

The enemies trembled to the great numbers who emerged at the mountain top.

"Charge!", the enemy commander shouted as he commands his army to attack the King's troops. They left alone the soldiers of Kael's household and attacked the king's troops.

They clashed with the Dwight army. For Kael, it was a checkmate. The enemy was cornered and they were fighting for their last breath. The King's forces descended in the mountains and the rebels were charging upwards towards them.

"What were you waiting for!? Charge!", Kael shouted them.

With the King's troops on the top and Kael's Army on the bottom. They were squashed in between. They crashed with each other and some were thrown flying towards their enemies.

The sound of clanging metal echoed in the mountains. Mixed with their agony and some were shrieking from the pain of their wounds.

It was a one-sided slaughter. The enemies were even desperate to win from Kael's troops, how much more with the king's troops. It was pitiful and being merciful on the battlefield was not an option. It was a rule that can't be broken.

Every enemy was slaughtered and the soldiers hailed the king for his help. They made a victory shout to them.

"Men! Burn the corpses!", Kael commanded.

The king approached Kael while riding his steed. The king unmounts his noble steed and he congratulated Kael.

"Congratulations for the Victory! I thought you were just a messenger of Kael's household. To think you were the commander itself!", The king chuckled.

"Your majesty! I didn't intend to fool you. I was just a substitute to the lady Erza herself due to being pregnant.", Kael said while kneeling.

"But still! You're their commander! I need to see Lady Erza and the new lord! We will go to Kael estate and celebrate this victory! Now, who's with me!", said the king as he lifted his hands in the sky.


The soldiers all shouted with him.

Everyone chuckled to his speech.

Kael then said to Maledic to make a celebration for the king. Maledic immediately left to prepare for a celebration.

Kael escorted the king as they marched towards his mansion for the celebration.


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