Lumia: Other World
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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73 Saved

Kael panicked as he saw that the enemies arrived and he was not there to lead them. All was a brawl, they didn't have formations yet. He rushed towards the battlefield and saw his soldiers were attacked. Kael jumped to the fray and immediately leads them.

"Everyone regroup! Spearmen make a phalanx! Swordsmen! Make a circular formation in beside spearmen! Two handers! Make a way for us to go through! Daggers! Chains and Brawlers! Come with me!", He said to them.

Immediately, the two-handers swings left and right their heavy weapons. Making the enemies thrown by the impact. Kael charges as the two-handers executed his command.

At the top of the mountain, there stood the enemy commander. Telescoping the war that unfolds in his eyes.

"They were coming for me! Great! Let us see what you've got. Cavalry! Charge with me towards the enemies! Hiya!", he said to his cavalry troops. He whips his horse to make it dash the downhill off the mountain.

Tugutog! Tugutog! Tugutog!

The sound of their hooves sounded by the distance as Kael was charging towards them.

The two-handers were smashing their heavy weapons and they formed a wedge formation. In their backs were Kael and the Daggers men, as well as the chains and brawlers. They pierced through the enemy lines with the help of the jump start of the two-handers. The enemies were struck with fear and was getting back to evade their strikes. Kael has succeeded in getting out of the enemy lines. They saw that the enemy commander was charging with his cavalry behind him.

"Two handers! Regroup with the spearmen and swordsmen. Go!", he commanded.

Kael dashed together with his forces. Eliminating the commander was his purpose and they were attacked with their archers.

Arrows rained at their heads and Kael was evading them. His troop's armors were not pierced by their arrows. Instead, it only bounced as it hits their armor.

"Charge!", Kael shouted to them.

They charge to the enemies and Kael jumped at his enemy. The Daggers men jumped to attack the cavalrymen of the enemy. The chains men jumped and released their chains. They handed their chains to the others and they grabbed the tip. They jumped and when the cavalry passed them, they were hit with the chains. Making them fall from their horses. The brawlers attacked with their armored fists. Punching them who fell from their horses.

While they were fighting, A loud sound of the horn that was coming from the mountain top has been heard, ally and enemy alike. They have the flag of yellow Eagle in a blue flag. Resembling of the Dwight army itself.

"The king's forces have arrived!", shouted Kael's army.


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