Lumia: Other World
72 Aftermath
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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72 Aftermath

Kael shouted as a result of his troop's victory. With the help of everyone, they managed to pull it off even with lower numbers. All thanks to Kael's work, they were unscathed.

"This armor and weapons will be my family's heirloom from this day forth! shouted one of his soldiers.

Everyone chuckled and laughed with his comment. Kael was also one of them.

"This is a great day to celebrate soldiers! But we have work to do. We will burn the corpses first to prevent a plague to scatter. Finish off the ones who pretend to be dead. Now move!", Kael commanded.

They moved like there was no war that has happened. Thanks to slow stamina regeneration, they regained their stamina in just minutes. They were now officially the foundation of Kael's army. Their numbers were no joke if their prowess were measured.

They managed to pile them up and they lighted it up with fire using woods as the fuel. They saw smoke that rises to the sky. Kael as well as the other elites patrolled the mountain top of Golden Valley. Looking at the enemy camp with the telescope Kael has. They were heavily injured and the ones remained were the ones whom they didn't clash yet. They were lucky not to clash with them yet and it was the reason they survived.

Kael counted them from watching from afar using his telescope and the remaining numbers of enemies were three thousand. Killing four thousand in one night with their sheer numbers was a great feat for them.

"Patrol the borders, for now, I really need to check my home this instant. Report to me if there were movements", Kael said to them.

The elites nodded to him as a reply. They were equipping full plated armor with cloak at their backs. A sight to behold and a proper armor for his so-called elites.

Kael dashed towards his home. Running fast and steady. This routine will also give him one point to vitality. Making it rose by one.


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Kael Melvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Status of living: Villager

Adventurer Rank: Rank E+

Job-class: combatant

Character level: 18

Character Statistics:

Strength (31) +

Dexterity (36) +

Vitality (37) +

Focus (87) +

Stats points: 54


Kael was sweaty to the process. His vitality was higher than before.

The mansion was located at the upper hill of Kael estate. It was a vast land that his forefathers have received. He arrived at the gate and Maledic was just outside the mansion. It seemed he waited for his arrival in their estate.

"I'm sorry for leaving you there. I hurriedly went home to make sure it was safe.", Maledic said to him.

"It's okay, at least prepare a meal for the soldiers while they guard the town. It was thanks for their efforts that Golden Valley survived.", Kael said to him.

"Also prepare my bath, I was drenched in sweat.", he said to Maledic.

"As you wish my lord!", he said to Kael while bowing down.

Maledic immediately left and then he executed the command of his precious lord. Kael went to his room and he removes his clothes. The bath was served when he arrived. He dips his tired body to warm water and stretched his weary legs and arms. Kael was not using any enchantments in his armor or robes. He takes pride in his own experience in confronting enemies. Only when it was dire when he will use his enchantments or in emergencies like the war he has faced.

Kael ate with his mother on their table. Kael was eating chunks of roasted chicken when he was chatted with his mother.

"I'm so sorry son if I can't be with you on the battlefield. My tummy was getting bigger by the day and it hinders my movements. Be always careful, don't go in the frontline and just command in the center okay? By the way, your name was being sung by the bards in the taverns. Of the great victory of Commander Kael of Golden Valley. Aren't you happy?", she said then smiled.

"Fame was all a vanity mom, like a flower that withers after it bloomed.", Kael said to him.

"My son was wise and poetic! Where did you read that?", she said to him while slicing another chunk of meat.

"Not important! I will immediately check my army. I better go now!", he said to her.

"Bye mom!", he said to her then left.

"Wait!", she shouted to him.

"What was it?", he replied as he turned around looking at her.

Erza wiped his sweat and his mouth. She then said to him.

"Take care of yourself. I can't imagine how you will become in the future without your mother taking care of you.", she said to him while wiping.

"Thanks mom! I will leave now!", he smiled and left.

While walking in the west, where the army was located. He saw from afar that the enemies were coming downhill the Golden mountain located in the north. Kael's heart raced as he didn't predict that they will attack so soon.


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