Lumia: Other World
71 Until dawn
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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71 Until dawn

They clashed with the enemies in the dark night. Only being lighted with the floating lanterns. The night grows deeper and the army was like at the center of the storm. Being attacked in all directions. They still managed not to be slain by a single digit. Kael was busily commanding the troops he has and all were on high morale and their adrenaline rushed while battling the enemies. They managed to go through enemy lines. A feat of his troops that was worth mentioning. There were newbies but they act like veterans in the war. Just like they say in the saying, "Be cautious of a cornered rat. For you don't know what will it do to survive."


Another lightning lighted up the sky. They immediately saw the flooding enemies in all directions. The storm was not even helping. The rainfall became heavier than before. They were beginning to panic. The enemies were greater than their numbers. They were outnumbered even though Kael, as well as the elites, whittled their numbers. The enemies were even not fearing them and encamped to the foot of the Golden Mountains. The place was very near to their enemies. Being confident in their numbers was what they felt.

"Don't lose hope! We will surpass the enemies!", Kael shouted.

The spearmen immediately closed their formation, not making enemies pass through. The two-handers substituted with the rear guard shielders, butchering and smashing the enemies on the rear. The backs of the two-handers were covered with the shielders. Not anyone will pass through them that easily. All of them were covered with full plated armors and they were domineering the enemies when it comes to raw strength. The daggers men were inside and were waiting for anyone to get inside. The chains men were itching their hands to punch the enemies and slash them. But the spearmen regained their formation.

They have a rectangular formation that has the spearmen in the front, swordsmen were at the sides and the two-handers on the bottom which were covered with shielders. The archers, crossbowmen, and daggers were at the middle as well as the chains, and brawlers were at the backs of the spearmen. All were on edge while there was a storm.

Kael never ended his cheering upon the troops. He shouted with all his might to cheer them up.

"Fight till death! Fight like never before!", he shouted.

The enemies were piling and piling as they slaughtered them. The spearmen were enough to kill their footmen. It was a slaughter that their enemy commander has never seen before.

"What's wrong with killing a few hundred enemies!", He said to his aide.

"Sir, I think their armors were enchanted! Considering your men to fall back for now or you will suffer great losses.", his aide advised him.

"Fall back!", He shouted.

They immediately blow the horn to fall back.


The paused their attack and they fall back.

The soldiers of Kael shouted with joy. All lifted their arms up in the sky.


Kael shouted too. They saw the sky was pierced with light and the sun rose. They managed to survive unscathed. Leaving the bodies of the enemies, they roared while facing the sun.


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