Lumia: Other World
68 The night scout part 3
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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68 The night scout part 3

They attacked the enemy's tents and with their numbers, they made great progress on eliminating many enemies. A hundred of them can kill great numbers of enemies. Kael was with them and they attacked a hundred tents. They attacked a tent by tent and the enemies on each of the tents were ten to fifty in numbers. They managed to assassinate a hundred tents when the alarm was rung.

Tang! Tang! Tang! Tang!

"Retreat!", Kael shouted.

They immediately rushed to exit their tents and Kael as well as the other elites escaped the tents. Kael exited but they were all surrounded.

"Fight!", Kael shouted.

They immediately executed the command. Kael draws his sword and attacked the fray to make a way for them to escape.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Their swords sounded as they clashed. Kael attacked in the front and the elites attacked with him. Trying to make a way for them to escape.

Kael then grabbed his smoke bombs and he throws it to the enemies. The bomb exploded and Kael, as well as the others, charged towards the smoky battlefield. The enemies coughed as they passed through them. Kael then cleaved the enemies, making a swirling attack towards them using his sword.

The enemies were struck by his sword and they all were slashed. The other elites also regrouped with them. They all successfully escaped the encirclement but the enemies won't let them escape that fast. They all mounted their horses and rides fast towards Kael's army.

"Don't let them escape!", their commander shouted to his army.

Kael was running and he instructed them to go to the west side of the town where the army was waiting. Kael then went fend off the ones who will attack them.

The cavalry was equipped with lance and full armor. They were all riding to their mounts. The cavalries of the enemy were thoroughly equipped and were chasing them. The sound of the horses' hooves sounded nearer and nearer. Kael as well as the others hastily dashed to the top of the mountain. They thrust their lance towards Kael but Kael parried it with his sword.


Kael and the others immediately prepared to counter-attack. They equipped the weapons of their specialty.

"Attack their horses' feet. That will throw them over!", Kael commanded them.

Kael slashed the horse's feet, making the enemies thrown as their horses neighed to stand up. Their mounts were all attacked and their riders were helplessly thrown over. The elites dashed in zigzag and ducked when they were attacked with their lance. They evaded their thrust and aimed at their feet.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!

They were all thrown over one by one. The riders were immediately attacked by the elites. One elite shield charged the enemy rider. Some were furiously slashing with his sword. Others used their chains to attack by the distance. Kael then saw that the enemy army was coming, commanded by their commander.

"Don't let them get away!", shouted the commander of the army.

They charged at them and Kael then remembered the plan.

"Go to the west side! Now!", Kael instructed them.

They immediately dashed towards the Golden Valley. They were running the downhill of the road towards the town. Kael, as well as the others, dashed to the west side of the town. It was still night time and they saw on the west side of the town has lights. Kael instructed them to go to the west where the army was located. They saw that the lights were getting brighter and numerous. As they run, they were chased by the numerous enemies. Some were firing their arrows at them.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The arrows sounded as they dashed to the darkness. They were evading the arrows just by hearing the sound it was producing.

On the west side of the town, Maledic waited to Kael. They will attack the enemies after Kael and the others were safe. The army was on edge and the newbies were nervous. They didn't face great dangers in the past so they were a little bit nervous.

"They were coming!", Shouted Maledic.

"Light the arrows!", Maledic shouted at the army.

"Three consecutive shots! Fire!", he shouted.

They lighted the three arrows that were held by their three fingers. They immediately executed the command of their leader.

Chuck! Chuck! Chuck!

Three consecutive arrows were fired immediately. It all rained the night sky and the arrows passed by Kael's team up above them.


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