Lumia: Other World
67 The night scout part 2
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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67 The night scout part 2

Kael was descending at the mountain. By the cover of the night, he stealthily dashed in the shadows of the moonlight. He traverses the road while hidden. He runs the path downwards the mountains and felt the wind blew to his skin. The cold breeze was chilling like an air conditioner that blew in front of you. The temperature at the mountain top was cold due to its height and the wind was colliding with the mountain tops. Making its temperature drop on chilling temperature.

He still continued to descend and the lights of torches were getting brighter. The multitude of the army was seen by his own eyes as he was getting nearer. The report was correct, they have a number of seven thousand. One thousand from each Lord. They managed to assemble their army and attack Golden Valley before the king could apprehend them. Unfortunately, they marched their army before Kael can report to the king. It was because the spy didn't come back to them as a basis for them to attack. It was a disaster if left unseen and they were coming to the Golden Valley many days earlier.

They were resting in their camp due to their exhaustion from marching far away from where they came. Kael scanned the camp using his binoculars. Kael saw that many were footmen, some were cavalries and they tied their horses. The footmen have shields and weapons like swords and maces. They have armors but not fully plated. They also have hundreds of archers. The spearmen were also resting. They were cooking and giving rations to the soldiers as they rest. The commanders were partying by the fire and were eating delicious foods.

Kael then estimated that they will pass out soundly leaving guards to patrol.

Kael immediately went back to the mountain top to regroup with the elites. He dashed towards the mountain top and has consumed ample stamina to reach the top. The travel towards the top was more stamina-consuming than going down.

After he reached the top he called the elites. They appeared one after another from the shadows.

"We will strike while they're asleep to whittle down their numbers", Kael said seriously.

"As you wish my lord!", they said.

Kael waited for the right time to attack. They waited for them to sleep at midnight. Time passed by and they waited for hours.

The wind blew colder as the midnight came. Kael then signaled for them to attack. They encompassed the night and they equipped their daggers. Ready to kill and whittle their numbers. Killing when they were asleep was a tad quicker than when awake. They will only open their eyes as they will try to scream but covering their mouth will do the trick.

They fell asleep so soundly and the camp was silent. They all arrived at their tents and the guards were patrolling. They were fewer than the ones asleep. Kael hides in the dark and the other elites went on their way. They attacked first the guards by covering their mouths and slitting their throats.

Kael then launched his sneak attack. He saw three guards as they patrol. They have a chest plate but has no armor. They were looking back and they showed their back to Kael. Just looking at them, Kael concluded that they were short on armors. He throws his daggers and it pierced two guards in their head. The other guard was shocked and he wants to alarm the others. He was about to scream when an arm emerged from the darkness and covered his mouth. A dagger slits his neck and his eyes can only show that he was surprised. The enemies were still unaware of their presence as they attacked. They all attacked in that silent night.

Their onslaught continued. Kael went to one in their tents and killed them one by one.


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