Lumia: Other World
66 The night scou
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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66 The night scou

Night came in the Golden Valley and the people were resting. The busy crowds on the streets were at their homes due to being cautious of enemy invasion. The guards were alert to the enemies as they patrol the town. The taverns were silent and the bards were singing melodic and sad songs as they perform. The market was silent as the night came. The people were alert to the signal of the towers that guard the Town. They were alert to enemy attacks and they were hoping that their army will protect them.

In a silent room of Kael Mansion, the lord was busy thinking about what to do in the war. Kael was resting in his room after he washed with a hot bath. He was preparing himself for the war and he was on his top condition. He was writing to the king about the imminent war and placed the letter to the pigeon. He lets it fly after he whispered the coordinates of the king's mansion. He was cultivating his stats and made all his stats rise by one.


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Kael Melvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Status of living: Villager

Adventurer Rank: Rank E+

Job-class: combatant

Character level: 18

Character Statistics:

Strength (31) +

Dexterity (36) +

Vitality (36) +

Focus (87) +

Stats points: 54


Kael was sweaty then someone knocks at the door.

"Come in!", Kael said to the door while wiping his sweat.

Maledic then entered the room.

"Lord Mael, my scout has a report. I will let him speak of the details.", he said then bowed down.

The scout then went in and he immediately reported. He kneeled to the floor.

"I have bad news, my lord! The enemy army was at the foot of the Golden mountains and they made a camp to the bottom. They were in the north of the road towards the capital. They were numbered seven thousand strong. I hurriedly reported so you will be informed.", He said as he hides his panting due to exhaustion.

"Thank you for the report! Maledic, assemble the army as we make a defense on the town. We were lacking in numbers but I hope that we will all survive this. Assemble the elites to scout with me.", Kael said to Maledic.

Kael immediately changed to his adventurer gear. He wears his leather armor and robes. After he exited his room, he saw the elites assembled at the outside of the mansion. They were all grandmasters when it comes to techniques. Kael was a step lower compared to them. He was only a master, a feat only Kael can pull off despite his age.

They went on their way and the army was patrolling the town. They made a defense at the borders. Kael's elites have managed to become grandmasters recently, thanks to Maledic for training them. The army was ready at the west side of the town and Kael's troops went to scouting.

Kael as well as the elites were encompassing the night that was shined upon by the moonlight. They all run fast and Kael was as fast as them. Only Kael has that stamina to rival them. They encompass the night. Passing the trees and grasses as they dashed. They arrived at the top without making a sweat. They all saw at the bottom, all the lights emitted from their torches and campfires. They were currently resting and they were thousands. Only the lights can be seen from afar but Kael knows that they were thousands. They lighted the dark night with many lights.

"Don't let spies pass through, I will check them myself", Kael said to them.

They all nodded, they were all numbered a hundred. They were the veterans of the Kael family's army. Their sheer number was still frightening for the enemies. They were the elites of the elites. They can't immediately become grandmasters as they were forged through fire by the past lord of Golden Valley–Melvin Kael.

Kael descended the mountain alone to check the enemies. He will check them with his own eyes. The night was lit by the moon and he was alone. Kael was better to be alone as he won't worry about them. Espionage was his forte like in the past.


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