Lumia: Other World
65 Preparation part 3
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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65 Preparation part 3

Kael waked up in the morning and Maledic was waiting for him outside of his room.

"Good morning! Assemble the elites and let them scout the borders. We don't know if they will be coming earlier.", Kael said to him.

"Yes my Lord! As you wish!", Maledic said to him.

Kael then went walking towards the training ground. He saw that the army was carrying their armor. They immediately put off their armor beside them.

"Attention everyone! Form yourselves!", Kael shouted.

They were snappy to assemble themselves and it delighted Kael.

They were formed and they were handed with different weapons in rotation. He practiced them with techniques of swords, spear, shield, chains, bow and crossbow, dagger, two-handed, and they were also taught with unarmed techniques.

The ones with their highest mastery were assigned to the group of their weapon specialty.

The swords users were sparring with weights in them. The spear users have heavy weights in their spears. They swing and thrusts their spears when training. The shield users were pushing heavy sleigh that has a hundred kilograms of weight that was put on top of it. The chains users were using their chains and they have weights in their arms, feet, and body. The bow users were practicing to hold three arrows between their fingers and firing them simultaneously. The crossbow users were practicing to reload fast and sniping in the distance. The dagger users all had weights and they spar and assassinate dummies. The two-handed users were lifting heavy weapons and spar with each other while having weights. They were all taught with unarmed techniques as an emergency but the most proficient were all made as a group.

He was commanding them in the battleground to improve their mastery.

Kael lets them consume stamina potions when they were drained.

Erza's tummy was getting larger as time goes by, so Kael lets Erza rest and he substitutes to act as commander.

It was afternoon when the newbie recruits of Kael were now given with hundred sets of armor and weapons. They were now novices.

Maledic updated Kael and he said to him, "The 200 original army were now advanced, 200 were now adept and 200 were now novice. They were steadily making progress as time goes by."

"Good! now we're making progress.", Kael said to him.

Maledic then handed him the paper that has inscribed in it. Kael looked at it.


A total of six hundred men with different specialties:








two-handed–heavy soldiers

unarmed–heavy brawlers


"The sword users have shields. The spearmen will act as the anti calvary and they also have shields. The shield users will act as chargers. The chains were special due to their short and mid-range distance of attack. The bow users were archers but the crossbow users were snipers. The dagger users will act as assassins. The two-handed users were our heavy soldiers and the un-armed were our heavy brawlers.", Maledic explained.

"Thanks for the explanation!", Kael replied to him.

Kael saw that they were getting good in their sparring.

Kael lets them rest and he dismissed them. They went to their homes and Kael went home to rest.

They were resting and on their sleep, the enemy army were coming.

Tog! Tog! Tog!

They marched in sync while they march. From far away, his scouts saw in the bottom of the Golden mountain–the thousands army of the enemy lords.

"We will report this immediately", said the scout.


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