Lumia: Other World
64 Preparation part 2
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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64 Preparation part 2

Kael waked up early in the morning to cultivate his stats. It further increased his stats by one.


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Kael Melvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Status of living: Villager

Adventurer Rank: Rank E+

Job-class: combatant

Character level: 18

Character Statistics:

Strength (30) +

Dexterity (35) +

Vitality (35) +

Focus (86) +

Stats points: 54


He grabbed his adventurer card and saw the difference. He immediately washed and clothed himself with his adventurer attire. He has normal clothes that were covered with leather armor and has his robes with a hood as a cover. He equipped his sword and daggers with chains. He exits his room and Maledic was waiting for him below. His room was on the second floor and has elegant stairs to walk on. He walks to the stairs until he reached the bottom.

"Assemble the army. We will train them early. Every day counts. We only have remaining five days to train them.", Kael said to him.

"Yes my Lord!", said Maledic then left.

Kael then went to their training ground and the troops were assembled. His self enchanted armors were displayed at the front of their training ground.

Maledic assembled them in an hour. Kael then announced his speech.

"We only have five days left! If I estimate, the enemy's army was marching now towards the Golden Valley! I know that this will be a hard battle to face when you lack battle experience! I will not let you easily die that fast and thus I will give you my gift! Each one of you will equip my self enchanted armors. Remember that when you fight, think that your armor will help you and that I am with you while we face this war. The enemies were unknown in numbers. They may reach thousands or tens of thousands! But let us fight to the death and slaughter them all!", Kael draws his sword and shouted.


The army shouted together with him.

They didn't waste their time and they run three laps around the town. They pushed-ups and sit-ups to build their core strength. He lets them sidesteps rapidly. Some were weary and Kael handed them stamina potions.

He lets them spar with different variety of weapons to their limits. Kael handed them stamina potions and it was all consumed by them.

They were steadily making progress until it was afternoon.

"Everybody make a line!", Kael shouted to them.

"I will give you now your armors and weapons! Line up!", Kael shouted to them.

The army then made a line and he handed all the armors and weapons to them. They then all made phalanx formation and everyone was armed and ready.

"Think of your armor as my blessing to all of you! Now dismissed!", Kael shouted to them.

They left with their armor and Kael was still standing. Looking at the setting sun. Only Kael and Maledic was left on their training ground.

"Lord Mael, was their armor enough to win the war in the coming five days?", asked Maledic worriedly.

"It was the only thing that I can make for them. I don't know if it was enough. For now, let's hope that it was enough. Let's all survive this together!", Kael said as he looked to the setting sun.

"Yes my lord! We will!", said Maledic to comfort him.


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