Lumia: Other World
61 Preparation
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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61 Preparation

Kael prepared his troops on the west side of the town which was spacious. He assembled them and they were all lined up. The current army was trained to learn techniques by Maledic and the trainees were trained by Kael. His facial disguise was still not being lifted so he became the drill instructor of the newbies. They will train with him for the day.

"Assemble! Line up! stand straight!", Maledic shouted.

"This man here will be your instructor! His name was Kael Melvin! An E plus rank adventurer! He was a combatant and he will train you with different weapons.

"Huh, him!?", said the one who was a middle-aged man.

"If you were looking down on him then let's test him first! I hope he will entertain you all. Now, who wants to challenge him?", said Maledic.

"Me! Let me test him if he was a real deal.", said the man who underestimates him.

The newbies were middle-aged men and some were teens. He was being looked down upon by the ones of the same age as him as well as the ones older than him. They really were newbies and Kael will let them taste his techniques.

Kael waits for his opponent to grab a wooden sword and Kael also grabbed one.

Kael prepared his battle stance.

"Ready?", Kael asked him.

His enemy has a larger body, bigger build, and larger arms. He grinned to the fact that he was facing a thirteen-years-old child.

Kael was looking at him and was whistling.

"Hey were you underestimating me? Let me show you to what happens when you underestimate adults!", he shouted.

Maledic can't even look straight to the man. He prays that Kael will be merciful with him.

Kael puts his wooden sword in his shoulders and whistled again.


His enemy attacked with a horizontal slash. Kael ducked and sweep kicked his feet. His enemy was tripped on the process.


His enemy coughed dust as he tripped. He immediately stands up and launched his attacks to Kael.

Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak!

He was repelling his attacks and his blocks were not even moved by the heavy attacks of his enemy.

Kael then went to the offensive. He attacked with force and his enemy was barely even holding his sword when Kael was attacking.

Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak!

Kael then smashed his sword with great force and it was thrown.


It pierced the ground as it landed.

"Anyone who wants to duel with me?", Kael asked.

The wind blew and the dust was flown. It was utterly silent in the field. Their pride was crushed with reality. It was Kael who crushed it and they all felt that the person in front of them was a master.

"Go back to your post.", said Kael to the one he confronted.

He went back to his post and then they were on attention.

"I will train you all to be disciplined and to be stronger. Stronger than before! The enemy will attack in six days and you will defend Golden Valley. I will train you to the bones and I don't care what you were in the past. You were newbies and I'm your drill instructor! Understood?", Kael said.

"Yes sir!", they shouted.

"Understood!?", Kael repeated.

"Yes sir!", they shouted again.

"Good, now run around the field!", he said.

They immediately ran around the field. They pushed ups till one hundred and sit-ups to one hundred also. They side-steps and was trained with different weapons.

Kael then taught them how to use different weapons. It was until the afternoon that they have improvements.

Kael dismissed them and he went to the blacksmithing station they have. He enchanted the full plated armors with different enchantments. It will be used as their armor for the upcoming battle. He also enchanted their weapons with different enchantments that Kael knows.


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