Lumia: Other World
60 Coming home
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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60 Coming home

Kael prepared his journey towards Golden Valley. He was currently walking towards the traveling carriages that were going to and fro towards Golden Valley. He saw the driver and paid the fee for the travel. He went inside and he traveled towards the Golden Valley. The air blew colder and he was feeling its breeze.

Kael paid for the fee of other persons due to the fact that he was hurrying to go home. He traveled alone without a company to talk to. Kael encompassed the Golden Mountains and he felt the chilly wind. He can see from the mountain top–the town he was ruling. He can also see the extension of residences of newcomers from the mountain tops.

Kael then encompassed the road towards the Town. They arrived at the terminal and Kael walked towards his mansion. He arrived at the mansion and it was afternoon. He saw the sky was painted with red and yellow. The clouds were like foams of soap and were like cotton if you look at the ground. He arrived at the gate and to his surprise, he saw his mother and his butler in the gate. Sir Vanz was not currently with them.

"Son!", shouted his mother from the gate.

"Mom!", Kael shouted.

They opened the door then Erza hugged him.

"I really missed you! How's your travel?", Erza asked him while still hugging him.

"It was okay mom, I recently became Rank E plus as an adventurer.", Kael replied.

"Really!? Wow that's great!", Erza blurted out.

"Yeah!", Kael replied.

"Maledic prepare a warm bath to Mael and also dinner.", Erza said to Maledic.

"As you wish mistress", Maledic said as he bowed.

"Let's get inside!", she said to Kael.

Kael unpacks his crocodile leather backpack in his room and removes his leather armor. Kael washed with a warm bath and prepared for dinner.

They ate that afternoon and Kael was merry with his mother. Kael was happy that he came home and he was refreshed with the mood while they talked in their dinner.

After the ate, Kael and his mother talked in the living room.

"We were attacked that night and luckily we have guards. They were apprehended and they talked who was their lord was. They even left a letter that says, "We will attack Golden Valley in one week".

Kael became serious. It was a treat that they will prepare.

Kael didn't know where will they attack but they need to prepare for the worst. He was thinking of a plan but what can he do was prepare the guards and the army. The enemies will attack one week so they still have time to prepare.

"We will arm our army with armors. We will double the production of full plated iron armors. Also the crafting of arrows. We will purchase health potions just in case. Let's recruit the newly arrived settlers to the army and Maledic will train them with techniques. I will also help when it comes to fighting. Mom, you will be the commander. Let's all survive this.", Kael said briefly.

"They will come from the golden mountains first so let me be the bait. I will lure them to the west side of the town where you will wait for them and rain them with arrows. Then all was on your hand's mom, you will command the army by that time.", Kael made his plan.

"Splendid! As expected of my son!", She said.


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