Lumia: Other World
59 Emergency
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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59 Emergency

@@Kael went home after he went to the adventurer guild. He was walking the brick pathway towards the inn. He was still happy that he was promoted.

As he was walking, he saw a pigeon that has something that it was carrying. He immediately grabbed it and lets it rest in his hands.

He walks together with the pigeon towards the inn. He puts it on his shoulders and pats its head.

He arrived at the inn and saw the receptionist. He paid for a month of stay in the inn. He immediately went to his room to read the letter. He opened the container of the letter and puts the lid on the table.

Kael sat at the chair on his only table. He began reading the letter.

"Dear Mael, did you finished delivering the documents? We were attacked this midnight and the spies attempted to burn the mansion. Luckily, they were apprehended with Maledic's Elite guards. The fire was put out but it left damage to the mansion. They left a letter that they will attack the Golden valley with their forces. I advise you to go back home immediately. I'm sorry to disturb your adventurer life but the people need you right now. We're okay right now, no need to worry. Your loving mother, Erza", Kael said as he reads the letter.

"I need to go back for now.", Kael said as he folds the letter.

Kael immediately prepared to go back to the Golden Valley. The enemies will attack and the Golden Valley was not safe. The enemies acted faster because they were spoiled by the evidence Kael has delivered.

He was ready to leave and then he writes a letter.

"Dear mom, I will immediately go back. I successfully delivered the evidence and the king has dispatched his troops to apprehend them. Glad that you were all safe. I'm coming home. Your loving son, Mael", Kael wrote the letter.

"Don't worry mom, I'm coming home", Kael said in his mind.



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