Lumia: Other World
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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56 Messenger

Kael waked up early in the morning. He washed and prepared to exercise. He remembered the routine to make his stats to level up. It was called "Character stat cultivation".

Kael pushed ups for one-hundred and sit-ups for one hundred. It resulted in his strength to went up by one.

Kael then rapidly side-steps to increase his dexterity. He was sweaty due to his rapid speed. His dexterity went up by one.

Kael then jogs around his room. Making his vitality rose up by one. He wiped his sweaty face with a towel.

After it all, he focused and gathered mana in his core. He felt the mana and he was sweating in the process. His focus increased by one.

After it all, he grabbed the adventurer card he has. It was glowing and it says, "You have leveled up."


Window card (Adventurer)

Name: Kael Melvin

Age: 13

Address: Golden Valley

Status of living: Villager

Adventurer Rank: Rank F

Job-class: combatant

Character level: 18

Character Statistics:

Strength (28) +

Dexterity (33) +

Vitality (33) +

Focus (84) +

Stats points: 54


Kael puts it back to his backpack. Kael prepared his backpack to went to the king. He has the documents to serve as the evidence to the illegal slave trade of the other lords where he needs to imprison. Kael was excited about his new journey and readied all his belongings.

He brandished his dulled sword and daggers. He washed his sweaty body in the bathtub. He changed his clothes to formal wear. It was covered with robes with hoods. At least, he needs to be presentable to the king. He didn't carry weapons because it will be confiscated by the guards. Meeting the king was his goal and he will introduce himself as the messenger of the Lord of Golden Valley. Lord Mael Kael to be exact.

He checked out to the inn and went towards the King's castle. It was called the Dwight Castle.

On the way, he saw many people who were busy with their own businesses. He was walking with his hoods up. Looking other people under his hood.

He encompassed the market and saw bustling crowds. He was quiet in his travel. He was observing as he walks.

Other people were buying goods. Some were giving flowers to their loved ones. Some were buying bread. Some were also busy with cooking the food that they were selling.

Kael passed through the market and was on his way towards the castle. All he needs to do was to act as the messenger of Mael Kael. The current lord of Golden Valley. He saw that there were also people that request the audience to the king. Kael was one of them.

He saw that the guards were inspecting the belongings of the ones who want to enter the castle. He has no weapon so his inspection will be a lot faster than having one. The guards stood on the gate and have halberds. It was like a spear with an axe on its tip. They were four in numbers. One checked his belongings and saw that he has no weapon.

"What was your purpose?", asked the guard to Kael.

"To deliver a letter to the king signed with the Lord of Golden Valley. I act as his messenger to be exact.", Kael replied.

The guard then lets him pass. The palace of the king was extravagant. With a garden on the front that has many flowers. It was maintained by their gardener. They have plants that were formed to a horse. Some were giraffe and many more animals. The garden was not only having animals but has flowers that were shaped to balls, cone, and squares, also triangle.

They were escorted with guards on their backs. Kael entered the palace and it has golden plated corners of the rooms. With marble pillars and floors, it was very expensive. The windows were big and they have huge curtains at the top of the windows. It was an empty room with only pictures of the past kings in the walls and a window that lets the sunshine pass through.

While they were walking, they saw a door and there were two full-plated silver armored guards in the door. They were both armed with swords and kite shields. The guards opened the door and then Kael immediately saw the king.

Kael then went inside and the doors were shut with a bang.


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