Lumia: Other World
55 The deal
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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55 The deal

Kael was walking towards the capital. He was encompassing the pathway that has yellow leaf maples. It was a sight to behold when you've seen it for the first time. Kael was looking at the bright light of the sun's rays and saw many stray birds that were resting on the trees. They chirped and was making a sound that has a melody. Kael listened to them as he walks to the pathway. Listening to them made his journey towards the capital not boring.

He arrived at the gates of the capital. He was checked by the guards and was verified that he was an adventurer. He walked past them and went to the food stalls.

Kael was happy to eat his prize for his endeavors. He ate ramen that afternoon. Sipping its soup was refreshing. The saltiness of the soup was just right that was complemented by the spice of garlic. Eating the chunks of grilled meat, he tasted it to be flavorful. He burped to the soup and made a loud sound.

He paid the fee and exited the stall. It was dawn when he was walking towards the guild. He was on the streets and saw that the people were going home. He saw different persons with different jobs. The sun was setting and the people were going home.

He arrived at the adventurer guild. Its decoration was the same as before, nothing changed. As he entered the door, the adventurers were going home. It was the time of day where they were going home.

Kael went to the reception desk and approached the rewards desk.

"I want to talk to the guild master.", Kael said to her.

"Okay wait for a minute, I will call him.", she said to him.

She touched her cheeks and paused for a bit.

"Okay, yes. Please went inside sir.", she instructed Kael.

Kael then went inside the door. He saw the same room as before and there was a man sitting at his desk.

"Come in. Have a seat.", Barrys said to him.

Kael went to the chair and he sat on it.

"So what's the update? Did you finished the mission?", he asked while reading a book.

"Yes! I've finished the mission.", Kael said to him.

"That's great! Let's celebrate then! Don't worry, I am a man of his word. You will be sponsored by me when you will enroll in the academy. Having to master all Dwight's job-class was your dream right! Then you will reach your dream!", he said to him cheerfully.

"You were one of the best to pull that off! I will prepare for your promotion! As you can see, the kobold cave has many resources. From the iron mine to the glowing stones. It has huge deposits there. Eradicating them would be the best. For that, you have my backing.", Barrys added.

Barrys then called his underlings to prepare Kael's promotion. Kael was waiting for the chair and he was handed a letter that was written by the guild master. It has written letters in it that says,

Adventurer Guild of the Dwight.

Drew Barrys,

The guild master,

"This was to certify that Kael Melvin was a sponsored student of adventurer guild. All the job-class he will attend will be sponsored by the guild master. He was an exemplary candidate to master all job-class in the academy. Thus he has a bright future and has a lot of potentials. Signed, Drew Barrys".

It was what the letters contained. Kael puts it to his backpack to safe keep it.

"Keep that and hand that letter to the Dean if you want to be recommended. It has the seal of the adventurer guild so it was legitimate.", he said to Kael.

Kael was very happy and he went to said his goodbye to the guild master. He was one step nearer towards his dream to master all job-class.

He immediately went home and rest for the day. It was a very tiring day for him thus he washed and rest early.


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