Lumia: Other World
54 Harves
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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54 Harves

Kael walked past Dreadpaw's dead body. They became his experience points. He was entering the eight level. This level was the place where they breed and the reason why it was not explored in the past was because of their guardian. Dreadpaws was the reason why they were untouched in the past up to the present. They became plentiful as the time goes by and has established great numbers. Kael was smelling a dog's smell that was intolerable. They have a place to hide and it was lighted with glowing stone. Dog hairs were everywhere as well as poop. They urinate everywhere thus making the cave have a stench.

"As expected to their lair", he exclaimed.

Kael was not wasting time and he poured his monster attractant to his sword. Minutes later, he saw them attack him. Kael moves swiftly and used his daggers to attack them.

He furiously slashed each one of them and they were all pups. Some were females and some were pups.

Kael was not being merciful because of the fact that they were monsters. Their instinct was to kill everyone who intrudes on their home. It was like a blessing-in-disguise. Kael was like bathing in experience points right now. They were like walking experience points that Kael was excitedly picked for harvest. Kael slashed them and was not planning to leave anyone alive. With the monster attractant on hand, they were crazily running towards his direction.

Kael slashed the ones who approached him. They were all slashed with his sword and he was leisurely evading them. Due to their inexperience, they were killed immediately. They don't have any experience when it comes to fighting because their adult males were the ones who were fighting the intruders. The bodies piled on the eight floor. Kael went to the ninth floor and repeated the process. They were slain by his sword. Kael finished killing them all due to the fact that no one was approaching him anymore.

He soloed the mission and then he killed them all and extracted the monster cores.

He finished within the day because he used monster attractant. The battle was bloody but it was a normal day for Kael.

Kael picked their monster core and it was all amounted to a hundred thirty. He exited the cave and saw that the other adventurers were still going in.

He sold his weapons and monster cores to the merchant.

"How much for these?", Kael said as he piled the monster cores that he collected and as well as their weapons.

The merchant was perplexed and thus he was stunned a bit. Other adventurers were also shocked by his loot.

"I said how much for these?", Kael repeated himself.

The merchant shakes his head and looked again.

"Oh! I'm sorry! that monster cores were two silvers each! and the weapons were two silver each also! The monster cores amounted to twenty-six gold coins and the weapons were two gold coins.", he said briefly.

"Thank you!", Kael said as he received his money.

Kael then went towards the capital and was thinking to rest early.


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