Lumia: Other World
53 Boss part 2
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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53 Boss part 2

Kael was sneaking in the darkness. He can do it without being seen. His presence was hidden by the sense-hindering potion and all he needs to do was hide. He has the skills of a ninja in the past. He was trained to be one and has mastered the sneak and other skills of a ninja have. Aside from being a ninja in the past, he was also a great spy and a professional killer. It was one of his skill sets. His skills were mastered to perfection and it has many more. He was trained since he was a kid and he was schooled to the assassin school. Learning from different aspects to be a professional assassin.

He was sneaking and Dreadpaws were finding him. He was hiding in the dark and was observing. The plan was to distract him with a stone and launch his sneak attack. He saw Dreadpaws in the tubs of burning metals and he began his attack.

Kael throws a stone to the tub and it produced a clanging sound.


Dreadpaws looked to where the sound was coming from and thus showing his back to Kael. Kael moved with silence and dashed to where the Dreadpaws was. He dashed without sound and he was hiding his footsteps on the sound of the clanging metal that still echoed in the cave.

He moved steadily and he was nearing the distance where Dreadpaws was. He jumped towards him and prepared to attack. He reversed-gripped his dagger and then attacked Dreadpaws. Dreadpaws on the contrary was still distracted by the sound and were looking at the opposite direction where Kael was.

Kael was on the air and he held his breath. Not making any sound as his heart raced due to the excitement. He was approaching so fast then he stabbed him to the shoulders between his neck.



Kael dug through his shoulders and Dreadpaws shrieked to the pain. Kael retreated to the darkness and Dreadpaws was bleeding. Kael then prepared for a frontal attack. With the enemy was bleeding, it was greatly weakened. Kael grabbed the chance furiously attack.

He attacked in the front. Dreadpaws was in pain but it didn't hinder his movements.


Dreadpaws roared and it was deafening. Kael covered his ears because his eardrums will explode if he will not cover it. Dreadpaws grabbed the opportunity while Kael was still stunned in the process.

Kael felt that his eardrums were bleeding but it was not shattered. Dreadpaws attacked him with his bastard sword. He slashed Kael and Kael was surprised in the process. Blocking with his curved daggers against the heavy bastard sword that weights to a couple of hundred kilograms.


Kael was thrown in the process. Thanks to his ample strength, he barely defended himself and was not slashed in half.

Dreadpaws was resilient and has great vitality. Kael needs to deal more damage if he wants to kill Dreadpaws. Dreadpaws' experiences were not a joke. He has survived more battles than Kael can count in his hands. He was hunted by many more adventurers in the past and he has survived them all. That includes the high ranking individuals in the guild.

Dreadpaws approached him with great speed. He made a vertical slash and Kael evaded in hair's breadth. He was shocked at Dreadpaw's speed.

He was barely evading his strike. He was still feeling the pain when he was thrown to the impact when he defended his attack.

Kael rolled to the ground and Dreadpaws would not let him breathe. Kael back-flipped and landed on the ground standing.


Another blow was evaded by Kael. Dreadpaws swings his sword and Kael stepped back to evade his strike. Dreadpaws' strength didn't even lower a bit. He has greater vitality than Kael has imagined. His vitality was not a joke. Kael was barely evading his strikes. He was still flinching from the pain he has suffered when he was thrown.


Dreadpaws made a horizontal swing that arches. Kael ducked at the right time and Kael evaded again his strike. He gripped his dagger tighter than before and cuts his Achilles heel. With the cut he inflicted, Dreadpaws was on his knees. Kael grabbed the opportunity to attack Dreadpaws.

Rapid slash!

He furiously slashed Dreadpaws and he was full of cuts. Dreadpaws swings his sword while on his knees but Kael leisurely evades it while attacking.

Shing! Shing! Shing! Shing!

He inflicted him with great damage but Dreadpaws was still not down. Kael felt pity for his enemy. He double-slashed his neck and ended his pitiful life.


Dreadpaws were down and he slammed his lifeless body to the ground. Kael wiped his daggers to his fur and proceeded to the eight level.


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