Lumia: Other World
50 Blind part 2
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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50 Blind part 2

The enemies were in three groups. They have torchbearers each. Kael will be trickier if he needs to kill them. One group went to the west side, the other group went to the east, and the other one was in the north. Kael was hiding in the darkness. Not being seen by their eyes and not being smelled by their nose.

Kael heard them growling while they bicker where was their enemy hides. Kael saw the ones who were on the north patrol and he plans to eradicate them first. They felt it was a race of time. They were hurriedly finding him. The one who slaughtered their brethren.

Kael sneaks while peeping on the north patrol. They were seven in number. A torchbearer on the center and six fully armed kobolds with armor and shields. They were mixed weapon users with no identical weapon. One has a mace, the other was a morning star, sword, club, axe, and spear. All were elites of the pack.

Kael initiated a plan to make them blind. Without their torches, it would be harder for them to find him.

The kobolds have sensitive noses and ears. Their eyes have a night vision like the wolves. It was all written in his monster almanac. But sadly, Kael was so silent that they have difficulty finding his presence. His misdirection of their senses was on par on the greatest ninjas of the past. He was using their own noise to hide his footsteps and he moves every time the noise was made by his enemies. It was so close to perfection that his masters in the past life were amazed.

Kael was hiding in the corner of the darkness. Ready to attack anytime, but he attacked at the right time. His enemies were on edge and their breaths were heavy. Their hearts palpitate heavily as they saw the dead bodies of their comrades. Some were still alive but beyond salvage. They lost great amounts of blood by the time they arrived. They can only mercy-kill them to make their souls rest and not to be still lingering in pain.

Kael pitied them but they have killed many people far surpassed his hands can count. Killing them was justice-served to the ones they have killed. It was to pay for their sins and it was not a bad thought for Kael. He felt like a vigilante that aimed to eradicate the pesky monsters of this cave and to also end their killings. It was the right thing to do.

He jumped towards the north patrol with silence and on the time when he was in the air. He aimed towards the torch. He launched his chained daggers towards it.


The torch was hit by the dagger. The enemies startled by it as the torch has stopped emitting its light. Kael then jumped towards them.

He reverse-gripped his daggers and launched his stab to the one who holds the torch. Two of his daggers were used to stab that pierced the neck. The part where the armor was not covering. The enemy then stopped moving.

The other guards were perplexed. They didn't expect him to attack the torchbearer first. They immediately swing their weapons to Kael but he jumped again to the air.

Kael landed to the distance and they followed him. The kobolds have their eyesight and it helped them to see in the dark. Kael also has adjusted his eyesight in the dark. Making them toe to toe with each other.

Kael immediately vanished as they followed them. They stumbled upon the corpses but immediately stands up afterward.


A dagger that was attached to the chains was launched to them. They were surprised by it as it pierced one of their comrade who was showing his back. He was hit on the nape and it immediately ended his life. Four of them remained. He pulled his chains and then ran again towards the darkness.

The kobolds howled to alarm their brethren.


They all howled and the others were alarmed. They immediately went to their direction.

While they alarmed their brethren, Kael went to them. They were going to their kindred but Kael was already heading to their direction.

He attacked with the right timing. He moved to the shadow of their body as light passed them. They have a blind spot and it was their shadow that they produced.

He attacked the torchbearer with his full speed. He jumped towards it and axe-kicked the torch. Making it lost its light.

Their formation was in disarray and Kael grabbed the opportunity while they were temporarily blind. Looking at the light for a period of time will make your pupil smaller and when the light was put off, you will lose your eyesight. It will be a matter of time before your pupil can adjust to the darkness. It was what he read in survival books he has read in the past. It was great info that can turn the tide of battle.

Without giving them time to get their eyesight back, Kael attacked their backs where the armor has a gap. He jumped in their backs, stabbing them from one after another.

He stabbed them without leaving anyone alive. He eliminated one squad and he was heading to another.


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