Lumia: Other World
49 Blind
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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49 Blind

It was on the sixth floor that was bloody. The kobold miners escaped him due to the pesky kobold elites. Kael then hunted the kobold miners. It was time to sneak attack them.

He was on the sixth floor at that time and he wants to go to the seventh floor. The escaped miners were on the seventh floor by that time.

Kael sneaked to their tunnels and has felt the hot wind of the metal works. He saw the glowing hot melted irons in a large tub where they were boiling it. The miners were in their breeding grounds and the armed kobolds were there, present to attack him immediately.

Kael's plan to assassinate them will be a lot harder due to the fact that they have lights in their metal works. He will have to approach them without being seen. He saw that there were guards that were positioned to the door towards the eight floors. He will be attacking in the broad daylight when he was lighted up by the glowing stones. The glowing stones were located to the ceiling and eliminating it will be a lot easier to sneak attack his enemies. Only the glowing tub of metals will be left as their light source.

Kael initiated a plan and he was aiming for the lights. He throws a smoke bomb to the metal works and throws his daggers to the glowing stone in the ceiling. Throwing them while attached to the chains in his hands. The kobolds coughed to the smoke and they were perplexed with a mix of dread that struck them.

Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping!

Kael successfully eliminated their light source and the glowing stones shattered as he attacked them.

The remaining light source was the glowing hot metal and the smoke from the smoke bomb has dissipated. Kael has the opportunity to kill them one by one.

The kobolds were confused why they can't smell him and still, they sniffed the air–waiting for someone to detect. In their dismay, they smelled nothing.


They immediately turned around to see where the sound was coming from. It was a shadow that just passed by. It was a terrifying experience for them and it only made them on edge. It was not easy for them to feel the feeling of being hunted. Not for the prideful kobolds that hunted the humans in their territory. A territory that they spent their lives since they were born.

Kael dashed in the darkness while he unsheathed his daggers. He attached it to the chains in his hands to strike mid-ranged and to slash in close range.

Kael was resisting his excitement to hunt them in the dark–his specialty in the past. He reverse gripped his daggers assaulted one who's back was shown to him. He slashed the neck and retreated in the dark.

The kobolds looked to their mate who collapsed in the ground and can't help but be more alert than before. They didn't know why the enemy was hiding and it irritated them. If they can say human language, they will call him a "coward". A coward that hides in the dark. They will provoke Kael to show himself. But sadly, they don't know the human language. It only added to their irritation.

Whoosh! Shiek!

Another one was stabbed to the neck and he collapsed.


They all looked to where the sound was. Kael throws stones to shift their direction. He then stabbed two of them that he saw. The nearest was stabbed.

They all looked to where he was killing their mates. Only ended up looking to dead corpses. They felt the helplessness as their kindred were slaughtered one by one. It was time for them to call others.


They let out they cry for help. It was a signal of reinforcement.

Kael was overjoyed by it. It meant for another killing spree.

The cave was full of their cries and it was deafening. It only made his sneak to be more unnoticed. Kael dashed and he killed one in different directions to confuse them. He killed one on the west then he went to the east to kill another one. He was like a reaper of lives when in the dark. His eyes have managed to adapt to the darkness and can clearly see them.

He killed every last one of them without mercy and reserve. Like how John Wick was in the movie. He was passionate in every way to kill.

Everyone was killed and Kael hid in the darkness. The reinforcement arrived and they were fully armed with shields and armors. They all have swords, some were axes and maces. They have torchbearers which were served as their eyes. Just like eliminating their eyesight. It was their strength as well as their weakness. Killing the torchbearers was the goal but they were protected by the shield bearers. He saw three squads of kobolds and they have their own torchbearers.

Kael was currently hiding in the darkness. He will have to be more cunning if he wants to eliminate the enemies.


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