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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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36 Exi

Kael exited the Hentana Cave. He met the Guardian of the Hentana cave. Kael thought that he had angered him. Kael then walked to the busy crowds outside. The adventurers didn't meet Dreadpaws yet in the first five levels and he walked to the second level recently. It was a weird scenario, but it was normal when he felt that there was a slaughter on his brethren. A minute late of retreating will make Kael met with Dreadpaws.

The crowds were bustling outside and some were buying potions. There were stalls displayed outside the Cave and there were guards. He saw many adventurers on the outside and Kael was pleased. He was stiff and his senses that were heightened recently on the battle were now relaxed. He then sold the weapons of kobold he has brought from the cave.

He went to a stall of weapon wares and it was being attended by a middle-aged man in his thirties. The has a green bandana on his head and he has orange hair. He has mustache and beard on his face. He wears an apron to look like a proper attire for sellers.

"How much for these, Sir?", Kael said as he unpacks his sellable weapons of kobolds one by one. He made a pile of weapons on the ground and his backpack was small.

"Did you enchant your backpack? Are you perhaps an enchanter?", he asked.

"Yeah! But I'm still not an expert.", Kael winked as he said it.

"Ah! Of course! Of course! These weapons were used by Kobolds eh? These were second-hand swords, but they were made of iron. It was two silver each. With a total of fifteen, then it was a thirty silver coins.", he said, then he claps his hands.

"That's it! That would be enough to pay my rent for tonight and I still have some spare! Thank you!", He said, then he received his thirty silvers.

He then said goodbye to the merchant. He then traveled to the Capital. On his way was a forest and there are bushes on beside the way. The canopy of the forest covers the clouds and the leaves fall as the wind blew them. The path was covered with leaves and his feet sound every time he steps on the leaves. The fresh wind blew in his cheeks and he inhaled the fresh air. It was noon when he finished on the cave and the sun was at its peak. He met a few adventurers on the way whom he doesn't know. The path that was covered with trees ends and the walls of the capital city were up ahead.

He successfully arrived at the capital without meeting danger. He went to the gates and then there were guards that were holding their halberd.

"ID?", the guard on the left asked.

Kael showed his ID to him and then they realized that he was an adventurer.

"You may pass!", he said to him.

Kael then puts his Adventurer card in his backpack. He marched towards the capital. He walks to the brick pathway and he saw people around. He saw a small river on the capital that has a bridge. He walked to the bridge, then he saw that the Adventurer guild was near.

He walks, then saw adventurers come in and out of the guild headquarters. He saw the banner of the kingdom on the doorway that was hanged beside it. It was colored blue and there's an eagle on it. The barbarian kingdom's banner was red. It has a vulture engraved on it. The skulds were black and a crow. He entered the door meeting other adventurers. Including the first adventurers, he met on his way to the capital. He saw Gandar, Glan, Fuwn, and Emilda.

He waves at them and they replied with a wave too. Gandar was on the mission desk and they were busy so Kael went to the rewards desk. He doesn't want to bother them too. He was on the desk and the woman in his front smiled.

"What can I do for you?", she said to him while smiling. Her face was white and has an elegant uniform. Her hair was red and it curls on the tip. Red pouty lips and pink cheeks.

"I would like to update the Hentana cave extermination quest! I completed twenty kills of kobolds on the designated time.", Kael said to her.

Kael then brought out the ears from his backpack and their cores.

"Fourty-five ears and fourty-five cores", Kael said to her.

"Aside from the mission reward of twenty silvers, we will buy one silver each for the ears. The monster cores were one silver each based on their quality.", she said to him

"Hundred-ten silvers! Great job!", she said to him.

Kael then received his rewards, then plans to go back to the inn. It was two o'clock in the afternoon when he exited the guild.

On his way, he went to the food stalls of Daproza street. He ordered a skewered meat and ate it. He savored the sweet and sour with a little bit of spicy flavor. He saw ramen that was served on the other food stall and he was surprised by it. He then ordered ramen and sips the soup. He then sips the noodles and takes a bite to the meat.

"I will make this routine every accomplished mission", he said in his mind.

He finished eating, then went back to the inn. It was dawn when he arrived at the inn. The inn's lights were illuminating the outside. The streets were beginning to light their lamps. Kael checked-in and went upstairs.

He washed his self with warm water, then sleeps.


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