Lumia: Other World
29 Camp
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Lumia: Other World
Author :Mel_Aniv
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29 Camp

Kael and the captain were walking to the tunnel, then stumbled upon their warehouse. It has many crates that has many goods inside. Kael looked inside one of the crates. Luckily, he found three health potions and one mana potion. He also found stamina potion and twenty gold coins.

"We have to hurry, they probably arrived to the headquarters.", the barbarian captain said to Kael.

"Let's go", Kael said to him as a reply.

He finished looting and immediately went on the way towards their headquarters. The atmosphere was cold and the wind blew towards them.

They exited the cave. But to their surprise, it was a camp of bandits.

"Kill them!", shouted one of the bandit by the distance.

"They're near, we must hurry", said the captain to Kael.

They went outside and they found their other party members. They were surrounded, but still able to fend the enemies off. They were exhausted by the fight that lasted for minutes. The enemies were twelve in number and his teammates were now cornered.

Johansenn had no arrows left. On the other hand, Estes and Fred was battered with their axes. Due to the situation, the barbarian captain immediately rushed to them.

The barbarian captain immediately equiped his axes. He was an axe dual-wielder.

Kael immediately followed him hastily.

"Hey, wait!", Kael exclaimed.

"Darn it! He sure is a battle maniac!", Kael exclaimed in his self.



He initiated his buff and his attack speed rised.

He charges at them.

[Axe slam!]

He slammed his axe to them. Making his first victim killed by his skill. He rapidly slashed his enemies and killed two immediately. Nine enemies left.

"We will never back down on this challenge. Let's not lose ourselves on how many kills he get. Let's kill them too!", Fred said to them.

Johansenn equiped his dual-wield curved dagger and throws his bow.

"Yeah! We wont back down!", said Johansenn.

[Pierce charge!]

Fred killed one and Estes used his skill "[Hammer slam]". He bash his enemy's skull and it killed him.


The enemy used their skill and then slammed their axes to their shields. Johansenn used his skill "[Double dagger thrust]". He reverse grip the dagger and jumped at his enemy. He thrust his dagger to his neck. The dagger pierced his leather armor that was a least protection.

They killed three. Six were left. Kael Charges from the enemies, then he regrouped to his teammates.

"What took you so long?", Fred asked him.

"Looting!", he replied.

"What? Nevermind that. Let's kill them first, then let's talk later.", Fred said to him.

Kael launched their attacks towards the enemies. Kael armed with sword, swings it to his enemy.

He dueled one, one to Johansenn, two to Fred and two to the captain.

He thrusts his sword, then stepped back to evade the axe of his enemy.

Ching! Ching!

Their weapons clashed with each other.

He made a double slanted slash and it was defended by his enemy.

"Dueling was trickier than killing monsters. They were capable of defending their selves.", Kael thought in his mind.

Kael immediately focused his attacks on vital spots. He thrusts his sword to his joints which has longer reach and it was proven effective. Due to the axe was a weapon used more on offense and it was difficult to use it to defend.

Kael landed a thrust on the left shoulder. The enemy immediately lost strength on the left arm. The enemy struggled to lift his axe but Kael barraged his swings to the enemy.

Ting! Slash! Ting!

The enemy barely blocked his strikes. He wounded the enemy by seven strikes and then he collapsed to the ground.

The barbarian captain massacred his enemies. He used all his strength with each strike he made. He was panting due to the exhaustion.

Kael gave him his stamina potion then he gulped it.

Johansenn was still battling his enemy. Rangers were a versatile class, they can shoot long ranged and can melee his enemies. With a combo of his two daggers, he evades and strikes the unprotected part of the armor of the enemy–which were located at the joints.

The barbarian slashed his axe but Johansenn ducked and slashed his achilles heels. The enemy immediately was on his knees.

[Double dagger thrust!]

He jumped and stabbed him on the neck, while he landed on the shoulders.

He killed his enemy and Estes was still battling.

[Shield flash!]

His shield flashed, then he used his hammer slam. The enemy immediately covered his eyes and then Estes slammed his hammer to his skull. The enemy staggered and then he slammed again his hammer to the barbarian.


The Barbarian was tenacious and he used his last skill "[Berserk]", Estes used his skill shield bash to the barbarian and he staggered. The barbarian used his skill "[Fury]" to attack Estes. Estes blocked it with his shield.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The barbarian was exhausted and his head was bloody. Estes then hammered him again in the body and he was thrown.

Fred dueled two at the same time. He was basically shielding their attacks to tire them out but his arm was getting weary due to blocking their attacks. He immediately used his "[Piercing charge]" to the other barbarian then "[Shield charge]" to the other.

He immediately killed the one who was pierced and then the other one has flinched. He then slashed him after he used "[Shield charge]" at him.

The enemy did not back down and he retaliated with his axe. Fred blocked it and then he pierced him with his sword.

"You will be damned! Our leader will arrive here later. You will all be killed. We had sent our distress signal and he will come! He is coming! Urg!", he said as he let out his last breath.

Kael drank a stamina potion to recover his stamina.

They finished killing them but they are in danger if they will not move now.

"Let's go!", Fred said as he dashed to the tunnel.

He hasn't stepped yet when a horn blew in the distance.



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